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Preparation and Characterisation of Sputtered Titanium- and Zirconium Nitride Optical Films

Andersson, Kent, (författare)
Solid State Physics Group, Department of Technology, Uppsala University
Uppsala : Uppsala University, 1993
Engelska 31 s.
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Abstract Ämnesord
  • Multilayered interference coatings based on titanium- and zirconium nitride and designed for solar control have been prepared using reactive d c magnetron sputtering. Preparation effects and degradation mechanisms were investigated. It was shown that the quality of the nitride strongly depends on the degree of crystallinity in the underlying oxide. It has been shown that the nitride layer partly oxidizes as the top oxide layer is deposited. The degradation is enhanced with temperature. A thin sacrificial layer of aluminium deposited between successive depositions of nitride and oxide is shown to improve the optical performance of the coating as preparedm as well as after accelerated ageing tests.The optical properties of opaque and semitransparent films of zirconium nitride have been studied. A thorough investigation of the influence of composition, deposition rate, substrate temperature and film thickness on the optical response of the film was performed. Both photometric and ellipsometric methods were used to determine thicknesses and the optical constants at wavelengths ranging from 0.23 to 25 μm. The resulting values of n and k, in the wavelength intervals where these independent methods are applicable, have been shown to agree extremely well. The results so far indicate an even larger potential for zirconium nitride based solar control coatings as compared to the titanium nitride based.Access to optical constants derived from films of zirconium nitride of variable quality made multilayer modelling a powerful tool in the design and analysis of solar control coatings.


NATURVETENSKAP  -- Fysik -- Atom- och molekylfysik och optik (hsv//swe)
NATURAL SCIENCES  -- Physical Sciences -- Atom and Molecular Physics and Optics (hsv//eng)

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Andersson, Kent
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