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Peter Weiss filmer från de korta små lekfulla kopparslagen till kommersiell långfilmsdebut: filmer - filmidéer - utkast

Bengtsson, Jan Christer, 1945- (author)
Stockholms universitet, Filmvetenskapliga institutionen
Stockholms universitet Humanistiska fakulteten. Filmvetenskapliga institutionen. (creator_code:org_t)
ISBN 978-91-7447-022-2
Stockholm : Filmvetenskapliga institutionen, Stockholms universitet, 2010
Swedish 353 s.
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  • Doctoral thesis (other academic)
Abstract Subject headings
  • This doctoral thesis deals with Peter Weiss’ (1916-1982) films and some of his never finished attempts. The focus is in general on Weiss’ film work activities in the 1950’s, when film held the very central place in his works of art.The intention has been to interrogate what short films Peter Weiss made and to find out the meaning and the role of film in the life of the artist Peter Weiss. The conclusion is that Peter Weiss fought with personal difficulties in expressing himself in a language — a language of words and a language of signs — because it is assumed that Peter Weiss carried a very strong will to become an author. In order to “conquer the words” Weiss exercised himself in describing all kinds of worlds — an interior one as well as an exterior one. That explains why he dealt with surrealist psychological subjects and documentary forms while making films.

Subject headings

HUMANIORA  -- Konst -- Filmvetenskap (hsv//swe)
HUMANITIES  -- Arts -- Studies on Film (hsv//eng)


Peter Weiss
lång- och kortfilm
experiment- och dokumentärfilm
HUMANITIES and RELIGION Aesthetic subjects Film
HUMANIORA och RELIGIONSVETENSKAP Estetiska ämnen Filmvetenskap
Cinema Studies

Publication and Content Type

dok (subject category)
vet (subject category)

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