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  • de Jong, Simone (författare)

Applying polygenic risk scoring for psychiatric disorders to a large family with bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder

  • E-artikel/E-kapitelEngelska2018


  • LIBRIS-ID:oai:DiVA.org:umu-157800
  • 30320231pmid
  • 10.1038/s42003-018-0155-ydoi
  • 000461126500163isi
  • 163
  • urn:nbn:se:umu:diva-157800urn

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  • Psychiatric disorders are thought to have a complex genetic pathology consisting of interplay of common and rare variation. Traditionally, pedigrees are used to shed light on the latter only, while here we discuss the application of polygenic risk scores to also highlight patterns of common genetic risk. We analyze polygenic risk scores for psychiatric disorders in a large pedigree (n ~ 260) in which 30% of family members suffer from major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder. Studying patterns of assortative mating and anticipation, it appears increased polygenic risk is contributed by affected individuals who married into the family, resulting in an increasing genetic risk over generations. This may explain the observation of anticipation in mood disorders, whereby onset is earlier and the severity increases over the generations of a family. Joint analyses of rare and common variation may be a powerful way to understand the familial genetics of psychiatric disorders.

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  • Diniz, Mateus Jose Abdalla(SwePub:gu.se)782972 (författare)
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  • Göteborgs universitet.Sahlgrenska akademin.Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi, sektionen för psykiatri och neurokemi.(SwePub:gu.se)1630
  • Gothenburg University.Sahlgrenska Academy.Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology, Department of Psychiatry and Neurochemistry.(SwePub:gu.se)1630
  • Umeå universitet.Medicinska fakulteten.Institutionen för klinisk vetenskap.Psykiatri.(SwePub:umu)740 (creator_code:org_t)

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  • Ingår i:Communications BiologyNature Publishing Group2399-36421


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Noto, Cristiano
Landén, Mikael, ...
Curtis, Charles
Newhouse, Stephe ...
Patel, Hamel
Hall, Lynsey S
O Reilly, Paul F
Belangero, Sinti ...
Bressan, Rodrigo ...
Breen, Gerome
Abdalla Diniz, M ...
O'Reilly, Paul F ...
Wray, Naomi R.
Ripke, Stephan
Mattheisen, Manu ...
Trzaskowski, Mac ...
Byrne, Enda M.
Abdellaoui, Abde ...
Adams, Mark J.
Agerbo, Esben
Air, Tracy M.
Andlauer, Till F ...
Bacanu, Silviu-A ...
Baekvad-Hansen, ...
Beekman, Aartjan ...
Bigdeli, Tim B.
Binder, Elisabet ...
Blackwood, Dougl ...
Bryois, Julien
Buttenschon, Hen ...
Bybjerg-Grauholm ...
Cai, Na
Castelao, Enriqu ...
Christensen, Jan ...
Clarke, Toni-Kim
Coleman, Jonatha ...
Colodro-Conde, L ...
Couvy-Duchesne, ...
Craddock, Nick
Crawford, Gregor ...
Davies, Gail
Deary, Ian J.
Degenhardt, Fran ...
Derks, Eske M.
Direk, Nese
Dolan, Conor, V
Dunn, Erin C.
Eley, Thalia C.
Escott-Price, Va ...
Kiadeh, Farnush ...
Finucane, Hilary ...
Forstner, Andrea ...
Frank, Josef
Gaspar, Helena A ...
Gill, Michael
Goes, Fernando S ...
Gordon, Scott D.
Grove, Jakob
Hansen, Christin ...
Hansen, Thomas F ...
Herms, Stefan
Hickie, Ian B.
Hoffmann, Per
Homuth, Georg
Horn, Carsten
Hottenga, Jouke- ...
Hougaard, David ...
Ising, Marcus
Jansen, Rick
Jones, Ian
Jones, Lisa A.
Jorgenson, Eric
Knowles, James A ...
Kohane, Isaac S.
Kraft, Julia
Kretzschmar, War ...
Krogh, Jesper
Kutalik, Zoltan
Li, Yihan
Lind, Penelope A ...
MacIntyre, Donal ...
MacKinnon, Dean ...
Maier, Robert M.
Maier, Wolfgang
Marchini, Jonath ...
Mbarek, Hamdi
Mcgrath, Patrick
Mcguffin, Peter
Medland, Sarah E ...
Mehta, Divya
Middeldorp, Chri ...
Mihailov, Evelin
Milaneschi, Yuri
Milani, Lili
Mondimore, Franc ...
Montgomery, Gran ...
Mostafavi, Sara
Mullins, Niamh
Nauck, Matthias
Ng, Bernard
Nivard, Michel G ...
Nyholt, Dale R.
Oskarsson, Hogni
Owen, Michael J.
Painter, Jodie N ...
Pedersen, Carste ...
Pedersen, Marian ...
Peterson, Rosean ...
Pettersson, Erik
Peyrot, Wouter J ...
Pistis, Giorgio
Posthuma, Daniel ...
Quiroz, Jorge A.
Qvist, Per
Rice, John P.
Riley, Brien P.
Rivera, Margarit ...
Mirza, Saira Sae ...
Schoevers, Rober ...
Schulte, Eva C.
Shen, Ling
Shyn, Stanley, I
Sigurdsson, Engi ...
Sinnamon, Grant ...
Smit, Johannes H ...
Smith, Daniel J.
Stefansson, Hrei ...
Steinberg, Stacy
Streit, Fabian
Strohmaier, Jana
Tansey, Katherin ...
Teismann, Hennin ...
Teumer, Alexande ...
Thompson, Wesley
Thomson, Pippa A ...
Thorgeirsson, Th ...
Traylor, Matthew
Treutlein, Jens
Trubetskoy, Vass ...
Uitterlinden, An ...
Umbricht, Daniel
Van der Auwera, ...
van Hemert, Albe ...
Viktorin, Alexan ...
Visscher, Peter ...
Wang, Yunpeng
Webb, Bradley T.
Weinsheimer, Sha ...
Wellmann, Juerge ...
Willemsen, Gonne ...
Witt, Stephanie ...
Wu, Yang
Xi, Hualin S.
Yang, Jian
Zhang, Futao
Arolt, Volker
Baune, Bernhard ...
Berger, Klaus
Boomsma, Dorret, ...
Cichon, Sven
Dannlowski, Udo
de Geus, E. J. C ...
DePaulo, J. Raym ...
Domenici, Enrico
Domschke, Kathar ...
Esko, Tonu
Grabe, Hans J.
Hamilton, Steven ...
Hayward, Carolin ...
Heath, Andrew C.
Kendler, Kenneth ...
Kloiber, Stefan
Lewis, Glyn
Li, Qingqin S.
Lucae, Susanne
Madden, Pamela A ...
Magnusson, Patri ...
Martin, Nicholas ...
McIntosh, Andrew ...
Metspalu, Andres
Mors, Ole
Mortensen, Prebe ...
Mueller-Myhsok, ...
Nordentoft, Mere ...
Noethen, Markus ...
O'Donovan, Micha ...
Paciga, Sara A.
Pedersen, Nancy ...
Penninx, Brenda ...
Perlis, Roy H.
Porteous, David ...
Potash, James B.
Preisig, Martin
Rietschel, Marce ...
Schaefer, Cather ...
Schulze, Thomas ...
Smoller, Jordan ...
Stefansson, Kari
Tiemeier, Hennin ...
Uher, Rudolf
Voelzke, Henry
Weissman, Myrna ...
Werge, Thomas
Lewis, Cathryn M ...
Levinson, Dougla ...
Borglum, Anders ...
Sullivan, Patric ...
Meier, Sandra
Strauss, John
Xu, Wei
Vincent, John B.
Matthews, Keith
Ferreira, Manuel
O'Dushlaine, Col ...
Purcell, Shaun
Raychaudhuri, So ...
Ruderfer, Dougla ...
Sklar, Pamela
Scott, Laura J.
Flickinger, Matt ...
Burmeister, Marg ...
Li, Jun
Guan, Weihua
Absher, Devin
Thompson, Robert ...
Meng, Fan Guo
Schatzberg, Alan ...
Bunney, William ...
Barchas, Jack D.
Watson, Stanley ...
Myers, Richard M ...
Akil, Huda
Boehnke, Michael
Chambert, Kimber ...
Moran, Jennifer
Scolnick, Edward
Djurovic, Srdjan
Melle, Ingrid
Morken, Gunnar
Corvin, Aiden
Anjorin, Adebayo
Kandaswamy, Radh ...
Lawrence, Jacob
McLean, Alan W.
Pickard, Benjami ...
Bergen, Sarah E.
Nimgaonkar, Vish ...
Landen, Mikael
Schalling, Marti ...
Osby, Urban
Backlund, Lena
Frisen, Louise
Langstrom, Nikla ...
Stahl, Eli
Dobbyn, Amanda
Jamain, Stephane
Etain, Bruno
Bellivier, Frank
Leber, Markus
Maaser, Anna
Fischer, Sascha ...
Reinbold, Celine ...
Kittel-Schneider ...
Fullerton, Janic ...
Oruc, Lilijana
Para, Jose G.
Mayoral, Fermin
Rivas, Fabio
Czerski, Piotr M ...
Kammerer-Ciernio ...
Vedder, Helmut
Borrmann-Hassenb ...
Pfennig, Andrea
Brennan, Paul
McKay, James D.
Kogevinas, Manol ...
Schwarz, Markus
Schofield, Peter ...
Muehleisen, Thom ...
Schumacher, Joha ...
Bauer, Michael
Wright, Adam
Mitchell, Philip ...
Hautzinger, Mart ...
Kelsoe, John R.
Greenwood, Tiffa ...
Nievergelt, Caro ...
Shilling, Paul D ...
Smith, Erin N.
Bloss, Cinnamon ...
Edenberg, Howard ...
Koller, Daniel L ...
Gershon, Elliot ...
Liu, Chunyu
Badner, Judith A ...
Scheftner, Willi ...
Lawson, William ...
Nwulia, Evaristu ...
Hipolito, Maria
Coryell, William
Rice, John
Byerley, William
McMahon, Francis ...
Lohoff, Falk W.
Zandi, Peter P.
Mahon, Pamela B.
McInnis, Melvin ...
Zollner, Sebasti ...
Zhang, Peng
Szelinger, Szabo ...
St Clair, David
Caesar, Sian
Gordon-Smith, Ka ...
Fraser, Christin ...
Green, Elaine K.
Grozeva, Detelin ...
Hamshere, Marian ...
Kirov, George
Nikolov, Ivan
Collier, David A ...
Elkin, Amanda
Williamson, Rich ...
Young, Allan H.
Ferrier, I. Nico ...
Milanova, Vihra
Alda, Martin
Cervantes, Pablo
Cruceanu, Cristi ...
Rouleau, Guy A.
Turecki, Gustavo
Paciga, Sara
Winslow, Ashley ...
Grigoroiu-Serban ...
Ophoff, Roel
Adolfsson, Rolf
Nordin Adolfsson ...
Del-Favero, Jurg ...
Pato, Carlos
Biernacka, Joann ...
Frye, Mark A.
Morris, Derek
Schork, Nicholas ...
Reif, Andreas
Lissowska, Jolan ...
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