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  • Palmer, Nicholette D (författare)

A genome-wide association search for type 2 diabetes genes in African Americans.

  • E-artikel/E-kapitelEngelska2012


  • LIBRIS-ID:oai:DiVA.org:umu-53512
  • 10.1371/journal.pone.0029202doi
  • 22238593pmid
  • 000301070200019isi
  • urn:nbn:se:uu:diva-169496urn
  • urn:nbn:se:umu:diva-53512urn

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  • African Americans are disproportionately affected by type 2 diabetes (T2DM) yet few studies have examined T2DM using genome-wide association approaches in this ethnicity. The aim of this study was to identify genes associated with T2DM in the African American population. We performed a Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) using the Affymetrix 6.0 array in 965 African-American cases with T2DM and end-stage renal disease (T2DM-ESRD) and 1029 population-based controls. The most significant SNPs (n = 550 independent loci) were genotyped in a replication cohort and 122 SNPs (n = 98 independent loci) were further tested through genotyping three additional validation cohorts followed by meta-analysis in all five cohorts totaling 3,132 cases and 3,317 controls. Twelve SNPs had evidence of association in the GWAS (P<0.0071), were directionally consistent in the Replication cohort and were associated with T2DM in subjects without nephropathy (P<0.05). Meta-analysis in all cases and controls revealed a single SNP reaching genome-wide significance (P<2.5×10(-8)). SNP rs7560163 (P = 7.0×10(-9), OR (95% CI) = 0.75 (0.67-0.84)) is located intergenically between RND3 and RBM43. Four additional loci (rs7542900, rs4659485, rs2722769 and rs7107217) were associated with T2DM (P<0.05) and reached more nominal levels of significance (P<2.5×10(-5)) in the overall analysis and may represent novel loci that contribute to T2DM. We have identified novel T2DM-susceptibility variants in the African-American population. Notably, T2DM risk was associated with the major allele and implies an interesting genetic architecture in this population. These results suggest that multiple loci underlie T2DM susceptibility in the African-American population and that these loci are distinct from those identified in other ethnic populations.

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  • Umeå universitet.Medicinska fakulteten.Institutionen för folkhälsa och klinisk medicin.Näringsforskning.(SwePub:umu)731 (creator_code:org_t)
  • Umeå universitet.Medicinska fakulteten.Institutionen för folkhälsa och klinisk medicin.Allmänmedicin.(SwePub:umu)724 (creator_code:org_t)
  • Umeå universitet.Medicinska fakulteten.Institutionen för folkhälsa och klinisk medicin.Medicin.(SwePub:umu)727 (creator_code:org_t)

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  • Ingår i:PLoS ONESan Francisco : Public Library of Science1932-62037:1, s. e29202


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Palmer, Nicholet ...
McDonough, Caitr ...
Hicks, Pamela J
Roh, Bong H
Wing, Maria R
An, S Sandy
visa fler...
Hester, Jessica ...
Cooke, Jessica N
Bostrom, Meredit ...
Rudock, Megan E
Talbert, Matthew ...
Lewis, Joshua P
Ferrara, Assiami ...
Lu, Lingyi
Ziegler, Julie T
Sale, Michele M
Divers, Jasmin
Shriner, Daniel
Adeyemo, Adebowa ...
Rotimi, Charles ...
Ng, Maggie C Y
Langefeld, Carl ...
Freedman, Barry ...
Bowden, Donald W
Voight, Benjamin ...
Scott, Laura J
Steinthorsdottir ...
Morris, Andrew P
Dina, Christian
Welch, Ryan P
Zeggini, Elefthe ...
Huth, Cornelia
Aulchenko, Yurii ...
Thorleifsson, Gu ...
McCulloch, Laura ...
Ferreira, Teresa
Grallert, Harald
Amin, Najaf
Wu, Guanming
Willer, Cristen ...
Raychaudhuri, So ...
McCarroll, Steve ...
Langenberg, Clau ...
Hofmann, Oliver ...
Dupuis, Josée
Qi, Lu
Segrè, Ayellet V
van Hoek, Mandy
Navarro, Pau
Ardlie, Kristin
Balkau, Beverley
Benediktsson, Ra ...
Bennett, Amanda ...
Blagieva, Roza
Boerwinkle, Eric
Bonnycastle, Lor ...
Boström, Kristin ...
Bravenboer, Bert
Bumpstead, Suzan ...
Burtt, Noël P
Charpentier, Gui ...
Chines, Peter S
Cornelis, Marily ...
Couper, David J
Crawford, Gabe
Doney, Alex S F
Elliott, Katheri ...
Elliott, Amanda ...
Erdos, Michael R
Fox, Caroline S
Franklin, Christ ...
Ganser, Martha
Gieger, Christia ...
Grarup, Niels
Green, Todd
Griffin, Simon
Groves, Christop ...
Guiducci, Candac ...
Hadjadj, Samy
Hassanali, Neela ...
Herder, Christia ...
Isomaa, Bo
Jackson, Anne U
Johnson, Paul R ...
Jørgensen, Torbe ...
Kao, Wen H L
Klopp, Norman
Kong, Augustine
Kraft, Peter
Kuusisto, Johann ...
Lauritzen, Torst ...
Li, Man
Lieverse, Aloysi ...
Lindgren, Cecili ...
Lyssenko, Valeri ...
Marre, Michel
Meitinger, Thoma ...
Midthjell, Krist ...
Morken, Mario A
Narisu, Narisu
Nilsson, Peter
Owen, Katharine ...
Payne, Felicity
Perry, John R B
Petersen, Ann-Kr ...
Platou, Carl
Proença, Christi ...
Prokopenko, Inga
Rathmann, Wolfga ...
Rayner, N Willia ...
Robertson, Neil ...
Rocheleau, Ghisl ...
Roden, Michael
Sampson, Michael ...
Saxena, Richa
Shields, Beverle ...
Shrader, Peter
Sigurdsson, Gunn ...
Sparsø, Thomas
Strassburger, Kl ...
Stringham, Heath ...
Sun, Qi
Swift, Amy J
Thorand, Barbara
Tichet, Jean
Tuomi, Tiinamaij ...
van Dam, Rob M
van Haeften, Tim ...
van Herpt, Thijs
van Vliet-Ostapt ...
Walters, G Bragi
Weedon, Michael ...
Wijmenga, Cisca
Witteman, Jacque ...
Bergman, Richard ...
Cauchi, Stephane
Collins, Francis ...
Gloyn, Anna L
Gyllensten, Ulf
Hansen, Torben
Hide, Winston A
Hitman, Graham A
Hofman, Albert
Hunter, David J
Hveem, Kristian
Laakso, Markku
Mohlke, Karen L
Morris, Andrew D
Palmer, Colin N ...
Pramstaller, Pet ...
Rudan, Igor
Sijbrands, Eric
Stein, Lincoln D
Tuomilehto, Jaak ...
Uitterlinden, An ...
Walker, Mark
Wareham, Nichola ...
Watanabe, Richar ...
Abecasis, Goncal ...
Boehm, Bernhard ...
Campbell, Harry
Daly, Mark J
Hattersley, Andr ...
Hu, Frank B
Meigs, James B
Pankow, James S
Pedersen, Oluf
Wichmann, H-Eric ...
Barroso, Inês
Florez, Jose C
Frayling, Timoth ...
Groop, Leif
Sladek, Rob
Thorsteinsdottir ...
Wilson, James F
Illig, Thomas
Froguel, Philipp ...
van Duijn, Corne ...
Stefansson, Kari
Altshuler, David
Boehnke, Michael
McCarthy, Mark I
Soranzo, Nicole
Wheeler, Eleanor
Glazer, Nicole L
Bouatia-Naji, Na ...
Mägi, Reedik
Randall, Joshua
Johnson, Toby
Elliott, Paul
Rybin, Denis
Henneman, Peter
Dehghan, Abbas
Hottenga, Jouke ...
Song, Kijoung
Goel, Anuj
Egan, Josephine ...
Lajunen, Taina
Doney, Alex
Kanoni, Stavroul ...
Cavalcanti-Proen ...
Kumari, Meena
Timpson, Nichola ...
Zabena, Carina
Ingelsson, Erik
An, Ping
O'Connell, Jeffr ...
Luan, Jian'an
Elliott, Amanda
McCarroll, Steve ...
Roccasecca, Rosa ...
Pattou, François
Sethupathy, Prav ...
Ariyurek, Yavuz
Barter, Philip
Beilby, John P
Ben-Shlomo, Yoav
Bergmann, Sven
Bochud, Murielle
Bonnefond, Améli ...
Borch-Johnsen, K ...
Böttcher, Yvonne
Brunner, Eric
Bumpstead, Suzan ...
Chen, Yii-Der Id ...
Chines, Peter
Clarke, Robert
Coin, Lachlan J ...
Cooper, Matthew ...
Crisponi, Laura
Day, Ian N M
de Geus, Eco J C
Delplanque, Jero ...
Fedson, Annette ...
Fischer-Rosinsky ...
Forouhi, Nita G
Frants, Rune
Franzosi, Maria ...
Galan, Pilar
Goodarzi, Mark O
Graessler, Jürge ...
Grundy, Scott
Gwilliam, Rhian
Hallmans, Göran
Hammond, Naomi
Han, Xijing
Hartikainen, Ann ...
Hayward, Carolin ...
Heath, Simon C
Hercberg, Serge
Hicks, Andrew A
Hillman, David R
Hingorani, Aroon ...
Hui, Jennie
Hung, Joe
Jula, Antti
Kaakinen, Marika
Kaprio, Jaakko
Kesaniemi, Y Ant ...
Kivimaki, Mika
Knight, Beatrice
Koskinen, Seppo
Kovacs, Peter
Kyvik, Kirsten O ...
Lathrop, G Mark
Lawlor, Debbie A
Le Bacquer, Oliv ...
Lecoeur, Cécile
Li, Yun
Mahley, Robert
Mangino, Massimo
Manning, Alisa K
Martínez-Larrad, ...
McAteer, Jarred ...
McPherson, Ruth
Meisinger, Chris ...
Melzer, David
Meyre, David
Mitchell, Braxto ...
Mukherjee, Sutap ...
Naitza, Silvia
Neville, Matthew ...
Oostra, Ben A
Orrù, Marco
Pakyz, Ruth
Paolisso, Giusep ...
Pattaro, Cristia ...
Pearson, Daniel
Peden, John F
Pedersen, Nancy ...
Perola, Markus
Pfeiffer, Andrea ...
Pichler, Irene
Polasek, Ozren
Posthuma, Daniel ...
Potter, Simon C
Pouta, Anneli
Province, Michae ...
Psaty, Bruce M
Rayner, Nigel W
Rice, Kenneth
Ripatti, Samuli
Rivadeneira, Fer ...
Rolandsson, Olov
Sandbaek, Annell ...
Sandhu, Manjinde ...
Sanna, Serena
Sayer, Avan Aihi ...
Scheet, Paul
Seedorf, Udo
Sharp, Stephen J
Shields, Beverle ...
Sijbrands, Eric ...
Silveira, Angela
Simpson, Laila
Singleton, Andre ...
Smith, Nicholas ...
Sovio, Ulla
Swift, Amy
Syddall, Holly
Syvänen, Ann-Chr ...
Tanaka, Toshiko
Tönjes, Anke
Uitterlinden, An ...
van Dijk, Ko Wil ...
Varma, Dhiraj
Visvikis-Siest, ...
Vitart, Veroniqu ...
Vogelzangs, Nico ...
Waeber, Gérard
Wagner, Peter J
Walley, Andrew
Ward, Kim L
Watkins, Hugh
Wild, Sarah H
Willemsen, Gonne ...
Witteman, Jaquel ...
Yarnell, John W ...
Zelenika, Diana
Zethelius, Björn
Zhai, Guangju
Zhao, Jing Hua
Zillikens, M Car ...
Borecki, Ingrid ...
Loos, Ruth J F
Meneton, Pierre
Magnusson, Patri ...
Nathan, David M
Williams, Gordon ...
Silander, Kaisa
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