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  • Holmstrom, E. (författare)

Sample preserving deep interface characterization technique

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  • LIBRIS-ID:oai:DiVA.org:uu-146644
  • 10.1103/PhysRevLett.97.266106doi
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  • 2-s2.0-33846395108scopus
  • 266106
  • urn:nbn:se:kth:diva-16234urn
  • urn:nbn:se:uu:diva-146644urn
  • urn:nbn:se:liu:diva-50048urn

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  • QC 20100525
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  • We propose a nondestructive technique based on atomic core-level shifts to characterize the interface quality of thin film nanomaterials. Our method uses the inherent sensitivity of the atomic core-level binding energies to their local surroundings in order to probe the layer-resolved binary alloy composition profiles at deeply embedded interfaces. From an analysis based upon high energy x-ray photoemission spectroscopy and density functional theory of a Ni/Cu fcc (100) model system, we demonstrate that this technique is a sensitive tool to characterize the sharpness of a buried interface. We performed controlled interface tuning by gradually approaching the diffusion temperature of the multilayer, which lead to intermixing. We show that core-level spectroscopy directly reflects the changes in the electronic structure of the buried interfaces, which ultimately determines the functionality of the nanosized material.

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  • Olovsson, W.(SwePub:) (författare)
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  • Ingår i:Physical Review Letters0031-90071079-711497:26


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