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  • Allen, Hana Lango (författare)

Hundreds of variants clustered in genomic loci and biological pathways affect human height.

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  • LIBRIS-ID:oai:gup.ub.gu.se/133204
  • 10.1038/nature09410doi
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  • 77957947562scopus
  • 20881960pmid
  • urn:nbn:se:uu:diva-133899urn

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  • Group Author(s): Procardis Consortium
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  • Most common human traits and diseases have a polygenic pattern of inheritance: DNA sequence variants at many genetic loci influence the phenotype. Genome-wide association (GWA) studies have identified more than 600 variants associated with human traits(1), but these typically explain small fractions of phenotypic variation, raising questions about the use of further studies. Here, using 183,727 individuals, we show that hundreds of genetic variants, in at least 180 loci, influence adult height, a highly heritable and classic polygenic trait(2,3). The large number of loci reveals patterns with important implications for genetic studies of common human diseases and traits. First, the 180 loci are not random, but instead are enriched for genes that are connected in biological pathways (P = 0.016) and that underlie skeletal growth defects (P<0.001). Second, the likely causal gene is often located near the most strongly associated variant: in 13 of 21 loci containing a known skeletal growth gene, that gene was closest to the associated variant. Third, at least 19 loci have multiple independently associated variants, suggesting that allelic heterogeneity is a frequent feature of polygenic traits, that comprehensive explorations of already-discovered loci should discover additional variants and that an appreciable fraction of associated loci may have been identified. Fourth, associated variants are enriched for likely functional effects on genes, being over-represented among variants that alter amino-acid structure of proteins and expression levels of nearby genes. Our data explain approximately 10% of the phenotypic variation in height, and we estimate that unidentified common variants of similar effect sizes would increase this figure to approximately 16% of phenotypic variation (approximately 20% of heritable variation). Although additional approaches are needed to dissect the genetic architecture of polygenic human traits fully, our findings indicate that GWA studies can identify large numbers of loci that implicate biologically relevant genes and pathways.

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  • Uppsala universitet.Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet.Medicinska fakulteten.Institutionen för genetik och patologi.(SwePub:uu)1343 (creator_code:org_t)
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  • Ingår i:Nature1476-4687467:7317, s. 832-8


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Liang, Liming
Heid, Iris M.
Luan, Jian'an
Thorleifsson, Gu ...
Winkler, Thomas ...
Goddard, Michael ...
Lo, Ken Sin
Palmer, Cameron
Workalemahu, Tse ...
Aulchenko, Yurii ...
Johansson, Åsa
Zillikens, M. Ca ...
Feitosa, Mary F.
Esko, Tonu
Johnson, Toby
Ketkar, Shamika
Kraft, Peter
Mangino, Massimo
Prokopenko, Inga
Absher, Devin
Albrecht, Eva
Ernst, Florian
Glazer, Nicole L ...
Hayward, Carolin ...
Hottenga, Jouke- ...
Jacobs, Kevin B.
Knowles, Joshua ...
Kutalik, Zoltan
Monda, Keri L.
Polasek, Ozren
Preuss, Michael
Rayner, Nigel W.
Robertson, Neil ...
Steinthorsdottir ...
Tyrer, Jonathan ...
Voight, Benjamin ...
Wiklund, Fredrik
Xu, Jianfeng
Zhao, Jing Hua
Nyholt, Dale R.
Pellikka, Niina
Perola, Markus
Perry, John R. B ...
Surakka, Ida
Tammesoo, Mari-L ...
Altmaier, Elizab ...
Amin, Najaf
Aspelund, Thor
Bhangale, Tushar
Boucher, Gabriel ...
Chasman, Daniel ...
Chen, Constance
Coin, Lachlan
Cooper, Matthew ...
Dixon, Anna L.
Gibson, Quince
Grundberg, Elin
Hao, Ke
Junttila, M. Juh ...
Kaplan, Lee M.
Kettunen, Johann ...
Koenig, Inke R.
Kwan, Tony
Lawrence, Robert ...
Levinson, Dougla ...
Lorentzon, Matti ...
McKnight, Barbar ...
Morris, Andrew P ...
Mueller, Martina
Ngwa, Julius Suh
Purcell, Shaun
Rafelt, Suzanne
Salem, Rany M.
Salvi, Erika
Sanna, Serena
Shi, Jianxin
Sovio, Ulla
Thompson, John R ...
Turchin, Michael ...
Vandenput, Liesb ...
Verlaan, Dominiq ...
Vitart, Veroniqu ...
White, Charles C ...
Ziegler, Andreas
Almgren, Peter
Balmforth, Antho ...
Campbell, Harry
Citterio, Lorena
De Grandi, Aless ...
Dominiczak, Anna
Duan, Jubao
Elliott, Paul
Elosua, Roberto
Eriksson, Johan ...
Freimer, Nelson ...
Geus, Eco J. C.
Glorioso, Nicola
Haiqing, Shen
Hartikainen, Ann ...
Havulinna, Aki S ...
Hicks, Andrew A.
Hui, Jennie
Igl, Wilmar
Illig, Thomas
Jula, Antti
Kajantie, Eero
Kilpelaeinen, Tu ...
Koiranen, Markku
Kolcic, Ivana
Koskinen, Seppo
Kovacs, Peter
Laitinen, Jaana
Liu, Jianjun
Lokki, Marja-Lii ...
Marusic, Ana
Maschio, Andrea
Meitinger, Thoma ...
Mulas, Antonella
Pare, Guillaume
Parker, Alex N.
Peden, John F.
Petersmann, Astr ...
Pichler, Irene
Pietilainen, Kir ...
Pouta, Anneli
Riddertrale, Mar ...
Rotter, Jerome I ...
Sambrook, Jennif ...
Sanders, Alan R.
Schmidt, Carsten ...
Sinisalo, Juha
Smit, Jan H.
Stringham, Heath ...
Walters, G. Brag ...
Widen, Elisabeth
Wild, Sarah H.
Willemsen, Gonne ...
Zagato, Laura
Zgaga, Lina
Zitting, Paavo
Alavere, Helene
Farrall, Martin
McArdle, Wendy L ...
Nelis, Mari
Peters, Marjolei ...
Ripatti, Samuli
vVan Meurs, Joyc ...
Aben, Katja K.
Ardlie, Kristin ...
Beckmann, Jacque ...
Beilby, John P.
Bergman, Richard ...
Bergmann, Sven
Collins, Francis ...
Cusi, Daniele
den Heijer, Mart ...
Eiriksdottir, Gu ...
Gejman, Pablo V.
Hall, Alistair S ...
Hamsten, Anders
Huikuri, Heikki ...
Iribarren, Carlo ...
Kahonen, Mika
Kaprio, Jaakko
Kathiresan, Seka ...
Kiemeney, Lamber ...
Kocher, Thomas
Launer, Lenore J ...
Lehtimaki, Terho
Melander, Olle
Mosley, Tom H., ...
Musk, Arthur W.
Nieminen, Markku ...
O'Donnell, Chris ...
Ohlsson, Claes
Oostra, Ben
Palmer, Lyle J.
Raitakari, Olli
Ridker, Paul M.
Rioux, John D.
Rissanen, Aila
Rivolta, Carlo
Schunkert, Herib ...
Shuldiner, Alan ...
Siscovick, David ...
Stumvoll, Michae ...
Toenjes, Anke
Tuomilehto, Jaak ...
van Ommen, Gert- ...
Viikari, Jorma
Heath, Andrew C.
Martin, Nicholas ...
Montgomery, Gran ...
Province, Michae ...
Kayser, Manfred
Arnold, Alice M.
Atwood, Larry D.
Boerwinkle, Eric
Chanock, Stephen ...
Deloukas, Panos
Gieger, Christia ...
Gronberg, Henrik
Hall, Per
Hattersley, Andr ...
Hengstenberg, Ch ...
Hoffman, Wolfgan ...
Lathrop, G. Mark
Salomaa, Veikko
Schreiber, Stefa ...
Uda, Manuela
Waterworth, Dawn
Wright, Alan F.
Assimes, Themist ...
Barroso, Ines
Hofman, Albert
Mohlke, Karen L.
Boomsma, Dorret ...
Caulfield, Mark ...
Cupples, L. Adri ...
Erdmann, Jeanett ...
Fox, Caroline S.
Gudnason, Vilmun ...
Gyllensten, Ulf
Harris, Tamara B ...
Hayes, Richard B ...
Jarvelin, Marjo- ...
Mooser, Vincent
Munroe, Patricia ...
Ouwehand, Willem ...
Penninx, Brenda ...
Pramstaller, Pet ...
Quertermous, Tho ...
Rudan, Igor
Samani, Nilesh J ...
Spector, Timothy ...
Voelzke, Henry
Watkins, Hugh
Wilson, James F.
Groop, Leif C.
Haritunians, Tal ...
Hu, Frank B.
Kaplan, Robert C ...
Metspalu, Andres
North, Kari E.
Schlessinger, Da ...
Wareham, Nichola ...
Hunter, David J.
O'Connell, Jeffr ...
Strachan, David ...
Schadt, H. -Eric ...
Thorsteinsdottir ...
Peltonen, Leena
Uitterlinden, An ...
Visscher, Peter ...
Chatterjee, Nila ...
Loos, Ruth J. F.
Boehnke, Michael
McCarthy, Mark I ...
Ingelsson, Erik
Lindgren, Cecili ...
Abecasis, Goncal ...
Stefansson, Kari
Frayling, Timoth ...
Hirschhorn, Joel ...
Johansson, Asa
Lango Allen, Han ...
Segrè, Ayellet V
Vernon Smith, Al ...
Mägi, Reedik
Sin Lo, Ken
Hua Zhao, Jing
Juhani Junttila, ...
König, Inke R
Muller, Martina
Suh Ngwa, Julius
Kilpeläinen, Tuo ...
Paré, Guillaume
Pietiläinen, Kir ...
Ridderstråle, Ma ...
Oliver Schmidt, ...
Bragi Walters, G
van Meurs, Joyce ...
Kähönen, Mika
Lehtimäki, Terho
Tönjes, Anke
Grönberg, Henrik
Mark Lathrop, G
Adrienne Cupples ...
Völzke, Henry
Wichmann, H-Eric ...
Borecki, Ingrid ...
van Duijn, Corne ...
Schadt, Eric E
Magi, R
Konig, IR
Meurs, JBJ
Tonjes, A
Volzke, H
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