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Extended Producer Responsibility in Cleaner Production: Policy Principle to Promote Environmental Improvements of Product Systems

Lindhqvist, Thomas (author)
Lund University Special activities (research centres, institutes etc.). The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics. 
ISBN 91-88902-13-7
IIIEE, Lund University, 2000
English 175 s.
Series: IIIEE dissertations, 1402-3016
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  • Doctoral thesis (other academic)
Abstract Subject headings
  • The focus of the environmental policy-making has shifted noticeably during the last decade. From having played a fairly insignificant role in the 1980s and earlier, product-related environmental problems have attracted an ever-increasing interest from policy-makers, especially in industrialised countries in North-Western Europe. Considerable attention has been devoted to the concept of extended producer responsibility (EPR) and today this concept is spread to most OECD countries and also outside this group of countries.<br /> <br /> This dissertation shows how the concept was developed, presents a model for various types of responsibilities and defines the EPR concept as a policy principle for environmental improvements of products and product systems. Experiences from existing EPR systems are studied and complemented with an analysis of proposed system implementations. The results are combined with a model for how an EPR system can be developed in order to give the incentives for change to the relevant actors. Conclusions concerning how the details of EPR systems should be organised are presented, as well as a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages with involving various actors in the policy development process and the role of these actors in the implementation of the system.

Subject headings

SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP  -- Annan samhällsvetenskap -- Tvärvetenskapliga studier (hsv//swe)
SOCIAL SCIENCES  -- Other Social Sciences -- Social Sciences Interdisciplinary (hsv//eng)


kontroll av utsläpp
Environmental technology
pollution control
EPR Extended Producer Responsibility Product Environment Policy Recycling
Industriell ekonomi
Commercial and industrial economics

Publication and Content Type

dok (subject category)
vet (subject category)

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