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00004331naa a2200637 4500
008160401s2011 | |||||||||||000 ||eng|
024a https://lup.lub.lu.se/record/19869972 URI
024a https://doi.org/10.1007/s00223-011-9484-22 DOI
040 a (SwePub)lu
041 a engb eng
042 9 SwePub
072 7a ref2 swepub-contenttype
072 7a art2 swepub-publicationtype
100a Pye, Stephen R.4 aut
2451 0a Influence of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein (IGFBP)-1 and IGFBP-3 on Bone Health: Results from the European Male Ageing Study
264 1b Springer,c 2011
520 a The aim of this study was to determine the influence of insulin-like growth factor binding protein (IGFBP)-1, IGFBP-3, and IGF-I on calcaneal ultrasound parameters in middle-aged and elderly European men. Men aged 40-79 years were recruited from population registers for participation in the European Male Ageing Study (EMAS). Subjects were invited by letter to complete a postal questionnaire and to attend for an interviewer-assisted questionnaire, quantitative ultrasound (QUS) of the calcaneus, and a fasting blood sample from which serum levels of IGFBP-1, IGFBP-3, IGF-I, estradiol (E-2), and SHBG were assayed. The questionnaires included the Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly (PASE) and questions about smoking and alcohol consumption. Estimated bone mineral density (eBMD) was derived as a function of the QUS parameters speed of sound and broadband ultrasound attenuation. Height and weight were measured in all subjects. 3057 men, mean age 59.7 years (standard deviation 11.0) were included in the analysis. After adjusting for age, center, and BMI, higher levels of IGFBP-1 were associated with lower eBMD. Higher levels of both IGFBP-3 and IGF-I were associated with higher eBMD. After further adjustment for PASE score, current smoking, alcohol consumption, free E-2, and SHBG, IGFBP-3 and IGF-I, though not IGFBP-1, remained significantly associated with eBMD. IGFBP-1 was associated with bone health, though the effect could be explained by other factors. IGFBP-3 and IGF-I were independent determinants of bone health in middle-aged and elderly European men.
650 7a MEDICIN OCH HÄLSOVETENSKAPx Klinisk medicinx Reproduktionsmedicin och gynekologi0 (SwePub)302202 hsv//swe
650 7a MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCESx Clinical Medicinex Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine0 (SwePub)302202 hsv//eng
650 7a MEDICIN OCH HÄLSOVETENSKAPx Klinisk medicin0 (SwePub)3022 hsv//swe
650 7a MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCESx Clinical Medicine0 (SwePub)3022 hsv//eng
653 a Insulin-like growth factor binding protein 1
653 a Insulin-like growth
653 a factor binding protein 3
653 a Calcaneus quantitative ultrasound
653 a Population-based
653 a Men
700a Almusalam, Bader4 aut
700a Boonen, Steven4 aut
700a Vanderschueren, Dirk4 aut
700a Borghs, Herman4 aut
700a Gielen, Evelien4 aut
700a Adams, Judith E.4 aut
700a Ward, Kate A.4 aut
700a Bartfai, Gyorgy4 aut
700a Casanueva, Felipe F.4 aut
700a Finn, Joseph D.4 aut
700a Forti, Gianni4 aut
700a Giwercman, Aleksanderu Lund University,Lunds universitet,Reproduktionsmedicin, Malmö,Forskargrupper vid Lunds universitet,Reproductive medicine, Malmö,Lund University Research Groups4 aut0 (Swepub:lu)kir-agi
700a Han, Thang S.4 aut
700a Huhtaniemi, Ilpo T.4 aut
700a Kula, Krzysztof4 aut
700a Labrie, Fernand4 aut
700a Lean, Michael E. J.4 aut
700a Pendleton, Neil4 aut
700a Punab, Margus4 aut
700a Silman, Alan J.4 aut
700a Wu, Frederick C. W.4 aut
700a O'Neill, Terence W.4 aut
710a Reproduktionsmedicin, Malmöb Forskargrupper vid Lunds universitet4 org
773t Calcified Tissue Internationald : Springerg 88:6, s. 503-510q 88:6<503-510x 1432-0827
856u http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00223-011-9484-2y FULLTEXT
8564 8u https://lup.lub.lu.se/record/1986997
8564 8u https://doi.org/10.1007/s00223-011-9484-2

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