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  • Aceto, Luca, et al. (författare)
  • Rule Formats for Distributivity
  • 2011
  • Ingår i: Language and Automata Theory and Applications : 5th International Conference : Proceedings. - Heidelberg : Springer Berlin/Heidelberg. - 978-364221253-6 ; s. 79-90
  • Konferensbidrag (refereegranskat)abstract
    • This paper proposes rule formats for Structural Operational Semantics guaranteeing that certain binary operators are left distributive with respect to a set of binary operators. Examples of left-distributivity laws from the literature are shown to be instances of the provided formats. © 2011 Springer-Verlag.
  • Aceto, Luca, et al. (författare)
  • Rule Formats for Distributivity
  • 2010
  • Rapport (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • This paper proposes rule formats for Structural Operational Semantics guaranteeing that certain binary operators are left distributive with respect to a set of binary operators. Examples of left-distributivity laws from the literature are shown to be instances of the provided formats.
  • Aceto, Luca, et al. (författare)
  • Rule Formats for Distributivity
  • 2012
  • Ingår i: Theoretical Computer Science. - 0304-3975. ; 458, s. 1-28
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • This paper proposes rule formats for Structural Operational Semantics guaranteeing that certain binary operators are left distributive with respect to a set of binary operators. Examples of left-distributivity laws from the literature are shown to be instances of the provided formats. Some conditions ensuring the invalidity of the left-distributivity law are also offered. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
  • Aceto, Luca, et al. (författare)
  • SOS Rule Formats for Zero and Unit Elements
  • 2011
  • Ingår i: Theoretical Computer Science. - Amsterdam : Elsevier. - 0304-3975. ; 412:28, s. 3045-3071
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • This paper proposes rule formats for Structural Operational Semantics guaranteeing that certain constants act as left or right unit/zero elements for a set of binary operators. Examples of left and right zero, as well as unit, elements from the literature are shown to fit the rule formats offered in this study. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
  • Achard, Paola Olimpia, et al. (författare)
  • Risk Identification in the Infrastructure Construction Industry : A Supply Chain Case Study
  • 2008
  • Ingår i: International Journal of Logistics Economics and Globalisation. - Olney, Bucks : InderScience Publishers. - 1741-5373. ; 1:3–4, s. 343-356
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • The objective of this article is to describe the risk identification within a supply chain of an infrastructure construction project. This research is based on a case study of risk management within a supply chain in the infrastructure construction industry. Data have been collected from an international company emphasising the stage of risk identification. A particular view of risk management has been adopted. More specifically, a way to identify risk within the construction industry has been given. Technical and operational evidences have been revised and organised in order to take a first step in the direction of a systematic treatment. It has highlighted some crucial issues dealing with risk identification, while risk assessment and risk response provide an opportunity for further research. The article has underlined how risk management can be seen as the way to discover existing risks that are preventing firms from advancing their strategy. Main insights that emerged dealt with five categories: strategic objectives; critical success factors; environment and stakeholder influences; key performance indicators and principal risks; principal risk response strategies.
  • Achtenhagen, Leona, 1969-, et al. (författare)
  • Frühe Internationalisierung eines Unternehmens im Hochtechnologiebereich - Treiber und Hindernisse
  • 2011
  • Ingår i: Zeitschrift für KMU und Entrepreneurship. - Berlin : Duncker & Humblot. - 1860-4633. ; 59:2, s. 125-140
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • SMEs in high-technology industries, such as life sciences, face a fundamental challenge. On the one hand, i.a. high product development costs push firms to early-stage internationalization to speed up the amortization of those investments. On the other hand, a number of factors constitute hinders to internationalization, such as insufficient endowments with financial resources and the need to adapt to local regulations, which differ between countries. To date, little is known about how SMEs in practice master this challenge. Based on a longitudinal, in-depth case study of a young company from a high-technology sector, this paper aims at providing a better understanding of early internationalization processes of startups in these industries. This paper is closely linked to practice, while at the same time is contributing to the literature on international entrepreneurship.
  • Achtenhagen, Leona, et al. (författare)
  • The internationalization challenge- managed by a new venture from the medical technology sector
  • 2009
  • Konferensbidrag (refereegranskat)abstract
    • SMEs in the life sciences industries face a fundamental challenge. On the one hand, high product development costs push companies into early internationalization to increase turnover and recover investments. On the other hand, they face tough hinders towards internationalization, such as financial and managerial resource limitations as well as the demand to follow local regulations. To date, little is known about how SMEs manage this challenge in practice. This paper presents an in-depth case study of the internationalization process of a Swedish SME from the medical technology industry, to develop a better understanding of how this challenge is handled in practice. Our findings outline some industry-specific characteristics affecting the internationalization process, such as the regulatory burden, complex buying patterns and lengthy lead times. These determinants lead to financial vulnerability, which has an impact on how (further) internationalization can be pursued. Being able to conduct business in English as well as the structure of the foreign country’s healthcare organization are important factors when entering new geographical markets. International congresses and fairs are important events for developing new network links and building brand recognition. Existing international contacts also play a crucial role in the choice of the international distribution channels. Local network ties are important for developing the initial business idea development as well as to secure financing.
  • Adam, Rania E., et al. (författare)
  • Graphene-based plasmonic nanocomposites for highly enhanced solar-driven photocatalytic activities
  • 2019
  • Ingår i: RSC Advances. - Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry. - 2046-2069 .- 2046-2069. ; 9:52, s. 30585-30598
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • High-efficiency photocatalysts are crucial for the removal of organic pollutants and environmental sustainability. In the present work, we report on a new low-temperature hydrothermal chemical method, assisted by ultrasonication, to synthesize disruptive plasmonic ZnO/graphene/Ag/AgI nanocomposites for solar-driven photocatalysis. The plasmonic nanocomposites were investigated by a wide range of characterization techniques, confirming successful formation of photocatalysts with excellent degradation efficiency. Using Congo red as a model dye molecule, our experimental results demonstrated a photocatalytic reactivity exceeding 90% efficiency after one hour simulated solar irradiation. The significantly enhanced degradation efficiency is attributed to improved electronic properties of the nanocomposites by hybridization of the graphene and to the addition of Ag/AgI which generates a strong surface plasmon resonance effect in the metallic silver further improving the photocatalytic activity and stability under solar irradiation. Scavenger experiments suggest that superoxide and hydroxyl radicals are responsible for the photodegradation of Congo red. Our findings are important for the fundamental understanding of the photocatalytic mechanism of ZnO/graphene/Ag/AgI nanocomposites and can lead to further development of novel efficient photocatalyst materials. © 2019 Elsevier B.V.
  • Adamsson, Viola, et al. (författare)
  • Effects of a healthy Nordic diet on cardiovascular risk factors in hypercholesterolaemic subjects : a randomized controlled trial (NORDIET)
  • 2011
  • Ingår i: Journal of Internal Medicine. - Oxford : Blackwell Publishing. - 0954-6820. ; 269:2, s. 150-159
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of a healthy Nordic diet (ND) on cardiovascular risk factors.Design and subjects: In a randomizedcontrolled trial (NORDIET) conducted in Sweden, 88 mildly hypercholesterolaemic subjects were randomly assigned to an ad libitum ND or control diet (subjects' usual Western diet) for 6 weeks. Participants in the ND group were provided with all meals and foods. Primary outcome measurements were low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, and secondary outcomes were blood pressure (BP) and insulin sensitivity (fasting insulin and homeostatic model assessment-insulin resistance). The ND was rich in high-fibre plant foods, fruits, berries, vegetables, whole grains, rapeseed oil, nuts, fish and low-fat milk products, but low in salt, added sugars and saturated fats.Results: The ND contained 27%, 52%, 19% and 2% of energy from fat, carbohydrate, protein and alcohol, respectively. In total, 86 of 88 subjects randomly assigned to diet completed the study. Compared with controls, there was a decrease in plasma cholesterol (-16%, P < 0.001), LDL cholesterol (-21%, P < 0.001), high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (-5%, P < 0.01), LDL/HDL (-14%, P < 0.01) and apolipoprotein (apo)B/apoA1 (-1%, P < 0.05) in the ND group. The ND reduced insulin (-9%, P = 0.01) and systolic BP by -6.6 ± 13.2 mmHg (-5%, P < 0.05) compared with the control diet. Despite the ad libitum nature of the ND, body weight decreased after 6 weeks in the ND compared with the control group (-4%, P < 0.001). After adjustment for weight change, the significant differences between groups remained for blood lipids, but not for insulin sensitivity or BP. There were no significant differences in diastolic BP or triglyceride or glucose concentrations.Conclusions:A healthy ND improves blood lipid profile and insulin sensitivity and lowers blood pressure at clinically relevant levels in hypercholesterolaemic subjects. © 2010 The Association for the Publication of the Journal of Internal Medicine.
  • Adamsson, Viola, et al. (författare)
  • Effects of a Nordic diet on cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors in hypercholesterolemic subjects: a randomized controlled study
  • 2009
  • Konferensbidrag (refereegranskat)abstract
    • Background: Apart from lipid-lowering drugs, dietary changes can also reduce plasma LDL-C concentrations. No studies have been conducted to investigate the clinical effects of a diet with traditional foods originating from the Nordic countries. Method: In a randomised, controlled parallel-group intervention study 88 mildly hypercholesterolemic men and women were randomized to either an ad libitum Nordic diet (ND) or a control diet (CD) for 6 weeks. All meals and foods were provided to the participants in the ND group. Primary outcome measure was LDL-cholesterol, and secondary outcomes were blood pressure, plasma insulin and glucose concentrations. The ND was a high-fibre diet rich in plant foods (fruit, berries, vegetables, root vegetables, whole grain cereals and legumes), vegetable fats (rapeseed oil and nuts) and fatty fish, low-fat milk products, but low in salt, added sugars, saturated fats and red meats. Result: 86 subjects completed the study. Distribution of carbohydrates, fat and protein (E%) in ND was 54, 27, 19, respectively. ND lowered plasma total cholesterol 0.98±0.75 mmol/l (-16%), LDL-C by 0.83±0.67 mmol/l (-21%), HDL-C 0.08±0.23 mmol/l (-5%), including reduced LDL/HDL ratio by -0.42±0.57 (-14%) (all p<0.01 versus controls). Insulin concentrations decreased by 0.51± 2.25 (-9%, p=0.01) and systolic blood pressure by 7±13 mmHg (-5%, P<0.01) compared to controls. Despite diets were eaten ad libitum, body weight decreased by 3.0 kg in the ND (P<0.001). No significant differences were found for diastolic blood pressure, triglycerides or plasma glucose. Conclusion: A Nordic diet improves blood lipid profile, and insulin sensitivity as well as lowering blood pressure to a clinically significant extent in hypercholesterolemic subjects.
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