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  • Hasic, Tigran, 1969- (författare)
  • Reconstruction planning in post-conflict zones : Bosnia and Herzegovina and the international community
  • 2004
  • Doktorsavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • The history of mankind has been plagued by an almost continuous chain of various armed conflicts - local, regional, national and global - that have caused horrendous damage to the social and physical fabric of cities. The tragedy of millions deprived by war still continues. This study sets out to understand the nature of reconstruction after war in the light of recent armed conflicts. It attempts to catalogue and discuss the tasks involved in the process of reconstruction planning by establishing a conceptual framework of the main issues in the reconstruction process. The case of Bosnia and Herzegovina is examined in detail and on the whole acts as the leit-motif of the whole dissertation and positions reconstruction in the broader context of sustainable development. The study is organized into two parts that constitute the doctoral aggregate dissertation – a combining of papers with an introductory monograph. In this case the introductory monograph is an extended one and there are six papers that follow. Both sections can be read on their own merits but also constitute one entity.The rebuilding of war-devastated countries and communities can be seen as a series of nonintegrated activities carried out (and often imposed) by international agencies and governments, serving political and other agendas. The result is that calamities of war are often accompanied by the calamities of reconstruction without any regard to sustainable development. The body of knowledge related to post-conflict reconstruction lacks a strong and cohesive theory. In order to better understand the process of reconstruction we present a qualitative inquiry based on the Grounded Theory Method developed originally by Barney Glaser and Anselm Strauss (1967). This approach utilizes a complex conceptualization with empirical evidence to produce theoretical structure. The results of process have evolved into the development of a conceptual model, called SCOPE (Sustainable Communities in Post-conflict Environments).This study proposes both a structure within which to examine post-conflict reconstruction and provides an implementation method. We propose to use the SCOPE model as a set of strategy, policy and program recommendations to assist the international community and all relevant decision-makers to ensure that the destruction and carnage of war does not have to be followed by a disaster of post-conflict reconstruction. We also offer to provide a new foundation and paradigm on post-conflict reconstruction, which incorporates and integrates a number of approaches into a multidisciplinary and systems thinking manner in order to better understand the complexity and dependencies of issues at hand. We believe that such a systems approach could better be able to incorporate the complexities involved and would offer much better results than the approaches currently in use.The final section of this study returns to the fact that although it is probably impossible to produce universal answers, we desperately need to find commonalities amongst different postconflict reconstruction settings in order to better deal with the reconstruction planning in a more dynamic, proactive, and sustainable manner.
  • IKEGAMI, Masako, 1961- (författare)
  • Asia in Global Security : An Epicentre of New Instability
  • 2006
  • Ingår i: The Stockholm Journal of East Asian Studies. - Stockholm : CPAS. - 0284-883X. ; 16, s. 9-16
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • In post-Cold War Europe the risk of major armed conflicts has been reduced to a very low level, and unconventional threats such as terrorism currently dominate European security concerns. In Asia by contrast, the picture is much gloomier; there is still a risk of conventional inter-state conflicts and power struggles, as well as unconventional threats. There are two flash-points in East Asia, the Korean Peninsula and the Taiwan Strait, where the risk of inter-state conflict involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD) cannot be ruled out in the worst case of conflict escalation. Additionally, the East China Sea and Spratly Islands can be counted as a risk zone. China’s rapid military build-up is a challenge to many countries in the region. Meanwhile, the USA’s overseas forces are undergoing global re-deployment and re-organization, another factor of regional security uncertainty in the coming years. The lack of credible regional confidence and security building measures in East Asia can only aggravate this already volatile situation.
  • Ikegami, Masako, 1961- (författare)
  • Kita-Chosen, Mongol nimiru Chugoku no Giji-Manshukoku seisaku [China’s North Korean and Mongolian Strategy: A Contemporary Version of ‘Manchukuo’ Model]
  • 2009
  • Ingår i: GPI Brief – for Guiding Policy Innovation. - Tokyo/Washington, D.C. : Global Policy Initiatives. ; June:10, s. 8-10
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • 'China’s North Korean and Mongolian Strategy: A Contemporary Version of‘Manchukuo’ Model', Masako Ikegami (GPI Policy Expert Member and Professor and Director, Center for Pacific AsiaStudies (CPAS), Stockholm University)By abusing its rapidly growing economic and military power, Hu Jintao’s China is assuming a highlyaggressive stance to its neighboring countries geopolitically important to China, who are rich innatural resources yet politically vulnerable. North Korea is a prominent case, and the case hasimplications also for Myanmar and Mongolia. If Japan’s Manchukuo policy in the 1930s is interpretedas (1) a large investment in economic infrastructure for extracting natural resources, (2) militaryinterventions for protecting economic interests, and (3) social-political absorption by means of apuppet government, among others, China’s current strategy toward its neighboring countries can wellbe explained with such a historical model.
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