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  • Aaboen, Lise, 1978-, et al. (författare)
  • Exploring the roles of university spin-offs in business networks
  • 2016
  • Ingår i: Industrial Marketing Management. - Elsevier. - 0019-8501. ; 59, s. 157-166
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • This paper identifies different university spin-off (USO) roles related to resource interaction among business parties. It does so by mapping how USOs become part of business networks in terms of their roles relative to other parties. The theoretical frame of reference focuses on roles and resource interaction based on an industrial network approach to business markets. The empirical research is based on five cases of USOs representing a variety in terms of technology, degree of newness, sector, and area of application. As a result of the analysis, three different roles are identified: the USO as resource mediator, resource re-combiner and resource renewer. These roles reflect how USOs adapt resources to, or require changes among, business parties' resources. The paper also discusses the main resource interfaces associated with the three roles and related challenges. The paper contributes to previous research through illustrating USOs' roles relative to business parties from a resource interaction point of view, and by pointing to the establishment of new companies in business networks as a way of implementing innovation. Finally, the paper discusses the managerial implications of the research in terms of the USO's need to understand which role to take and how to develop it.
  • Aahlin, Eirik K, et al. (författare)
  • Functional recovery is considered the most important target a survey of dedicated professionals
  • 2014
  • Ingår i: Perioperative medicine. - London, United Kingdom : BioMed Central. - 2047-0525. ; 3
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • Background: The aim of this study was to survey the relative importance of postoperative recovery targets and perioperative care items, as perceived by a large group of international dedicated professionals.Methods: A questionnaire with eight postoperative recovery targets and 13 perioperative care items was mailed to participants of the first international Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) congress and to authors of papers with a clear relevance to ERAS in abdominal surgery. The responders were divided into categories according to profession and region.Results: The recovery targets 'To be completely free of nausea', 'To be independently mobile' and 'To be able to eat and drink as soon as possible' received the highest score irrespective of the responder's profession or region of origin. Equally, the care items 'Optimizing fluid balance', 'Preoperative counselling' and 'Promoting early and scheduled mobilisation' received the highest score across all groups.Conclusions: Functional recovery, as in tolerance of food without nausea and regained mobility, was considered the most important target of recovery. There was a consistent uniformity in the way international dedicated professionals scored the relative importance of recovery targets and care items. The relative rating of the perioperative care items was not dependent on the strength of evidence supporting the items.
  • Aarebrot, Frank, 1947-, et al. (författare)
  • Statehood, Secularisation, Cooperation : Explaining Democratic Survival in Inter-War Europe - Stein Rokkan's Conceptual Map Revisited
  • 1995
  • Ingår i: Historical social research / Historische Sozialforschung. - Köln : Zentrum für historische Sozialforschung. - 0172-6404. ; 20:2, s. 210-225
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • This article addresses itself to the crisis of democracy in inter-war Europe which saw the breakdown of one democratic regime after the other with Czechoslovakia as the only survivor case in Eastern and Central Europe by the end of this period. It is cast within the framework of Stein Rokkan's seminal conceptual map of Europe which is expanded in order to account for countries and variables originally not included in his analytical scheme. The analysis leads to the following conclusion: where the state building was weak and the legacy of empire strong, or where secular nation building was still impaired by deeply rooted religious sentiments, or where significant segments representing major cleavages where not coopted into a constitutional compromise, the chances for democratic survival in inter-war Europe were slim indeed. The conclusion applies to the inter-war era alone, but it clearly has implications for contemporary Europe. Noting that statehood and secularization ranked high on the agenda of communist Eastern Europe, the authors raise the paradoxical question if the success of democracy in this part of the world may in fact be a byproduct of the extent to which the now defunct communist regimes were successful in promoting their pet goals.
  • Aarebrot, Frank, 1947-, et al. (författare)
  • The View from EFTA
  • 1998
  • Ingår i: Public Opinion and Internationalized Governance. - Oxford : Oxford University Press. - 978-0-19-829476-4 ; s. 344-367
  • Bokkapitel (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    •  This chapter examines public opinion regarding European Community integration in the five small but comparatively prosperous countries in the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). The evidence reveals a split. On the one hand, there is the positive endorsement expressed in Austria, Finland and Sweden; on the other, there is the negative assessment expressed in Norway and Switzerland. This ambivalence confirms that the impact of centre-periphery location is complex. Moreover, as the Norwegian and Swiss cases indicate, the centre-periphery cleavage within countries is as relevant as that between countries to an understanding of support for internationalized governance.
  • Abad-Gurumeta, A., et al. (författare)
  • A systematic review of sugammadex vs neostigmine for reversal of neuromuscular blockade
  • 2015
  • Ingår i: Anaesthesia. - Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Inc.. - 0003-2409. ; 70:12, s. 1441-1452
  • Forskningsöversikt (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • We reviewed systematically sugammadex vs neostigmine for reversing neuromuscular blockade. We included 17 randomised controlled trials with 1553 participants. Sugammadex reduced all signs of residual postoperative paralysis, relative risk (95% CI) 0.46 (0.29-0.71), p=0.0004 and minor respiratory events, relative risk (95% CI) 0.51 (0.32-0.80), p=0.0034. There was no difference in critical respiratory events, relative risk (95% CI) 0.13 (0.02-1.06), p=0.06. Sugammadex reduced drug-related side-effects, relative risk (95% CI) 0.72 (0.54-0.95), p=0.02. There was no difference in the rate of postoperative nausea or the rate of postoperative vomiting, relative risk (95% CI) 0.94 (0.79-1.13), p=0.53, and 0.87 (0.65-1.17), p=0.36 respectively.
  • Abalo, Ernesto, 1982- (författare)
  • Class as deviance : constructing the support for and opposition against Hugo Chávez
  • 2011
  • Konferensbidrag (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • By applying the methods of Critical Discourse Analysis this paper aims to explore how ideology works within the discursive construction of class, in the representation of the supporters and opponents of the government of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela. News items from New York Times (US), El País (Uruguay) and Dagens Nyheter (Sweden) constitute the analyzed material. The paper argues that class-markers are important in the representation of government supporters, whom many times are constructed as belonging to the poorer sectors of society. Class is however less explicit in the representation of Chávez-opposition, which in fact is lead by elite groups. It is therefore argued that class in this context becomes a marker of deviance, which in turn works ideologically in legitimizing oppositional groups and disqualifying the support for Chávez’ government.
  • Abalo, Ernesto, 1982- (författare)
  • Constructing (Il)Legitimate Democracy Populism and Power Concentration in Newspaper Discourse on Venezuela
  • 2014
  • Ingår i: tripleC (cognition, communication, co-operation): Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society / Unified Theory of Information Research Group. - 1726-670X. ; 12:2, s. 802-821
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • Despite scholarly consensus about the importance of the media for democracy, scant attention has been paid to what democracy means to journalistic discourse and how discourses on democracy are interrelated with legitimacy. The aim of this paper is to explore how (il)legitimate democracy is constructed in newspaper discourse. By using critical discourse analysis (CDA), this paper examines foreign news items about Venezuela, a country that under the presidency of Hugo Chávez has challenged the dominant global political and economic orders. The analysis section focuses on two discourses about the Venezuelan government: the constructions of populism  and power concentration, which serve to mark deviance from what is perceived as a legitimate democracy. This paper argues that a liberal perception of democracy constitutes a central framework for the construction of (il)legitimate democracy, which is revealed not least by news discourse’s focus on what is morally unacceptable political conduct according to liberal democratic norms. In this respect, the media discourse serves to denounce potential abuses of governmental power but fail to recognize democracy in the context of a social struggle against the effects of neoliberalism and capitalism. In this case, the news media is hegemonic in the Gramscian sense, because it provides a framework of democracy that remains within the dominant economic and political structures.
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