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  • Mäntymäki, Tiina, et al. (författare)
  • Introduction
  • 2015
  • Ingår i: Gender and History. - Oxford : Peter Lang Publishing Group. ; , s. 9-25
  • Bokkapitel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • The construct of the deviant woman is analysed from literary, sociolinguistic and historical-cultural perspectives, revealing insights about cultures and societies. Furthermore, the studies recognise and explain the significance of the concept of deviance in relation to gender that bespeaks a contemporary cultural concern about narratives of femininity.
  • Mäntymäki, Tiina, et al. (författare)
  • Introduction
  • 2015
  • Ingår i: Gender and History. - Oxford : Peter Lang Publishing Group. ; , s. 9-25
  • Bokkapitel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • The construct of the deviant woman is analysed from literary, sociolinguistic and historical-cultural perspectives, revealing insights about cultures and societies. Furthermore, the studies recognise and explain the significance of the concept of deviance in relation to gender that bespeaks a contemporary cultural concern about narratives of femininity.
  • Bengtsen, Peter (författare)
  • Street art and museums
  • Ingår i: From City Streets to Museum Galleries: Discussing Street Art and Graffiti's Leap,Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,2015-11-22 - 2015-11-23.
  • Konferensbidrag (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • Presentation about the difficulties involved when attempting to represent graffiti and street art in an institutional context.
  • Bengtsen, Peter (författare)
  • The Street Art World
  • 2014
  • Doktorsavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • In recent years, street art has become embedded in popular culture and received growing attention from the art market and art institutions. Work by street artists has entered galleries, auction houses and museums, and some artists have been given the opportunity to create large-scale sanctioned public art projects. Simultaneously, widespread photographic documentation of street artworks and the circulation of images online have provided artists with a potentially global audience. The Street Art World investigates street art as a relatively newly established field within contemporary art. With the American sociologist Howard S. Becker’s notion of “art worlds” as a central point of departure, the book seeks to characterise street art by studying and participating in the everyday interaction among the artists, gallerists, collectors, critics, curators, bloggers and street art enthusiasts that make up the social environment (the street art world) in which the term street art is continuously given its meaning. Major themes addressed in the book include: (1) The social construction of the meaning of the term street art and the resulting difficulties in formally defining what street art is. (2) The often contradictory attitudes within the street art world towards art history and the institutions of art. (3) The relationship between street art, the art market and the institutional art world. (4) The relationship between street art and public art. (5) Street art’s potential to affect the viewer’s perception of public space, and the possible challenges the increasing digital mediation of street art may pose to bringing this potential to fruition. While the book presents central characteristics of the street art movement, it also acknowledges that it is not feasible to pin down the nature of street art once and for all, since street art is a product of complex social processes.
  • Habibi, Zaki (författare)
  • Surrounded by Images and Meanings : Essays on Media and Cultural Studies
  • Bok (refereegranskat)abstract
    • This book consists of seventeen essays which are categorised into four sections: (1) the theoretical standpoint: semiotic and discursive approach, (2) news photography, television, and Internet in particular context, (3) cinema in contexts, and (4) documentary studies. The topics being discussed in all essays are varied, ranging from media in Asia, film and documentary studies, media and social activism, to cinema and psychoanalysis, as well as covering several concepts, such as class, identity, gender relations, textual analysis, text, context, meaning, and discourse. However, there is one central idea that connects all of them, i.e. offering the readers to detailed elaboration and application of concepts and theories in the field of media and cultural studies.
  • Ibrahim, Muna (författare)
  • Effects of Art and Design on Orientation in Healthcare Architecture : A study of wayfinding and wayshowing in a Swedish hospital setting
  • Doktorsavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • This thesis investigates the role of interior design elements, especially artwork, in way-searchers’ wayfinding and orientation in hospital environments. The thesis considers the way-searcher’s background and the impact of cultural belonging, occupation, memories, aesthetic preferences, and language, and the influence that such factors might have on the perception of the hospital environment and its guiding elements. The aim is to increase the knowledge about the role of art objects and how they relate to design processes by studying how art and design appear to users at three different sites at the hospital SUS Malmö, and also to gain insight into decisions made about the design and the placement of public art in a health-care environment.The thesis consists of four studies developed to complement each other. They include three different experiencing perspectives: the visitor’s perspective, the designer’s perspective, and the observing researcher’s perspective. This mix of perspectives helps to obtain a broad understanding of the complex experience and effectiveness of wayshowing design in a health-care environment and of the intentions behind making, choosing, and installing art for and in hospitals. A mixed-methods approach is used that mainly relies on qualitative studies, but that also has some quantitative elements. The techniques used for collecting information are: questionnaire, on-site interviews, semi-structured interviews, walking interviews, observation, and photographic documentation. This mixed-methodological approach is used to attain a successively deeper understanding and acquire more diverse knowledge of the role that interior design and artwork have for wayfinding, and by that also pointing to the development of wayfinding theory, especially as it refers to notions like orientation, wayfinding, legibility, affordance, and familiarity. These theoretical concepts are used here in analyses and descriptions of way-searchers’, especially newcomers’, experiences and perceptions of the interior health-care environment.The four studies of this thesis point out different areas of interest for analyzing wayfinding in hospitals, thus also indicating how they could be considered to guide the design of wayshowing in hospital environments. The areas of interest can be listed as: spatial heterogeneity (about the making of contrasts between spaces); evoked familiarity (about elements in the hospital space that may bring back memories); overfamiliarity (about places taken for granted due to frequent use); broad participation (about consulting a range of users in all stages of the realization of a hospital environment); users’ background (about considering ethnicity, cultural knowledge, occupation, and previous experiences of art), and time- and duration effects (about acknowledging that perception might change during visits or in stays of a longer duration).
  • Ibrahim, Muna (författare)
  • Interior design elements influence on users’ wayfinding capacity in a Swedish hospital setting
  • Ingår i: <br/>3RD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE<br/>ON ARCHITECTURE, RESEARCH, CARE AND HEALTH,Copenhagen, Denmark,2017-04-26 - 2017-04-27. - : Polyteknisk Forlag. ; , s. 91-104
  • Konferensbidrag (refereegranskat)abstract
    • Wayfinding has been recognized as an important aspect that should be carefully considered, especially in the design of healthcare facilities. Previous studies have identified environmental elements that influence wayfinding, but there is still a lack of understanding on which properties of environmental elements and features that has the potential to aid wayfinding in hospital areas (Pati, Harvey, Willis & Pati, 2015). This pilot study examined the potential of interior design elements (including artwork) to support the participants’ ability to navigate in one of the reception halls at SUS Malmö hospital. In order to focus on the wordless wayfinding capacity, two subject categories were participating, 1) Arabic speaking visitors; 2) and Swedish speaking visitors. The participants, 4 females and 7 males, responded to a questionnaire in dialogue with the researcher. The data analysis showed that artworks, plants, skylight, furniture, wooden material on walls, and a tilted reception cube were the most eye-catching physical elements associated with wayfinding. Written signs were seen as helpful but sometimes useless due to the fact that they are written only in the Swedish language, whereas artworks was the common language between most of the participants and therefore interesting to further explore. Since the majority of the participants disliked the artworks in the reception hall, the influence of aesthetic preferences on wayfinding could possibly be a fruitful path of further investigation.
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