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  • Arner, Anders, et al. (författare)
  • Effects of Ca2+ on force-velocity characteristics of normal and hypertrophic smooth muscle of the rat portal vein
  • 1985
  • Ingår i: Acta Physiologica Scandinavica. - Wiley-Blackwell. - 0001-6772. ; 124:4, s. 525-533
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • Portal hypertension was induced in rats by partial ligation of the hepatic branches of the portal vein. After 5 days of hypertension the portal veins were taken out and mounted for isometric and quick-release experiments. Portal veins from sham-operated normal rats served as controls. The ligated veins had an increased cross-sectional area, indicating smooth-muscle hypertrophy. Although the absolute magnitude of active force of these veins was increased, the active force per cross-sectional area was decreased, indicating an alteration in the properties of the contractile system. No difference in the Ca2+ concentration-response relations to K+-activated intact control and hypertrophic veins was found. In chemically skinned preparations, devoid of functional plasma membranes, the hypertrophic veins had similar Ca2+ sensitivity (in the presence of I microM calmodulin) but a lower force per cross-sectional area. Force-velocity relations were determined in K+-activated intact preparations. In control veins a reduction in extracellular Ca2+ was associated with a significant reduction in both isometric force and maximal shortening velocity (Vmax). In hypertrophic veins the decreased isometric force at maximal activation was associated with a low Vmax. A comparison between hypertrophic and submaximally stimulated control vessels showed corresponding Vmax and isometric force values. We conclude that the low isometric force of hypertrophic veins is associated with a lower rate of cross-bridge turnover. This could be an effect of alterations in the activation mechanisms or in the intrinsic properties of the contractile system itself.
  • Malmqvist, Ulf, et al. (författare)
  • Contractile properties during development of hypertrophy of the smooth muscle in the rat portal vein
  • 1988
  • Ingår i: Acta Physiologica Scandinavica. - Wiley-Blackwell. - 0001-6772. ; 133:1, s. 49-61
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • Structural and mechanical alterations during hypertrophy of the rat portal vein were investigated. Growth of the vessel was induced by a partial ligature of the vessel causing an increased transmural pressure. Vessel segments from animals kept with ligature for 1, 3, 5 and 7 days, were compared with vessels from sham-operated animals. Maximal active force and vessel cross-sectional area increased with time in the ligated group. On day 7, force and cross-sectional area at the optimal length, were markedly increased in the ligated group (21.1 +/- 1.0 mN, 0.55 +/- 0.04 mm2, n = 9) compared with the control vessels (11.7 +/- 1.0 mN, 0.30 +/- 0.02 mm2, n = 7). Light and electron microscopy of preparations fixed at optimal length showed that the amount of smooth muscle and the cross-sectional area of cell profiles were almost doubled in the ligated group on day 7, consistent with hypertrophy of the smooth muscle. The force per smooth muscle cell area was similar in the two groups (ligated: 132 +/- 15; control: 145 +/- 16 mN mm-2, n = 4-5). The maximal shortening velocity was significantly lower in the hypertrophied group (ligated: 0.28 +/- 0.02; control: 0.41 +/- 0.01 optimal length s-1, n = 6). In chemically skinned preparations, activated by maximal thiophosphorylation of the myosin light chains, force was higher in the ligated group compared to the controls but no difference in maximal shortening velocity was observed. In conclusion, the increased transmural pressure is associated with a rapid increase in the amount of smooth muscle in the portal vein. The mechanical data show that after 7 days the force generating ability of the contractile system has increased in proportion to the smooth muscle cell mass. The unaltered maximal shortening velocity in the skinned hypertrophied preparations suggests that the kinetic properties of the maximally activated contractile system are unaltered. The decreased maximal shortening velocity in the intact hypertrophied preparations may reflect alterations in the excitation-contraction coupling.
  • Ekström, Per A R, et al. (författare)
  • Impaired nerve regeneration in streptozotocin-diabetic rats. Effects of treatment with an aldose reductase inhibitor
  • 1989
  • Ingår i: Journal of the Neurological Sciences. - Elsevier. - 0022-510X. ; 93:2-3, s. 231-237
  • Forskningsöversikt (refereegranskat)abstract
    • Rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes have a decreased rate of sciatic nerve regeneration. We studied the effects on this defect of treatment with the aldose reductase inhibitor, ponalrestat (25 mg/kg per day via an endogastric tube). The nerves of diabetic rats were crush-injured at 5 weeks of diabetes and regeneration evaluated 7 days later with the pinch-reflex test. Ponalrestat treatment was started at day 3 after streptozotocin injection and was continued for the whole experimental period, i.e. until 6 weeks of diabetes. The treatment prevented effectively the accumulation of sorbitol and fructose in the nerves of diabetic rats, but was without effect on the sciatic nerve regeneration (controls 21.8 ± 1.2 mm/7 days (mean ± SEM, n = 6), untreated diabetics 15.8 ± 1.8 (n = 7), ponalrestat-treated diabetics 16.2 ± 1.0 (n = 10)). The results indicate that there is no connection between increased sorbitol pathway flux and impaired regeneration in streptozotocin diabetic rats.
  • Olafsson, Isleifur, et al. (författare)
  • Production, characterization and use of monoclonal antibodies against the major extracellular human cysteine proteinase inhibitors cystatin C and kininogen
  • 1988
  • Ingår i: Scandinavian Journal of Clinical & Laboratory Investigation. - Informa Healthcare. - 1502-7686. ; 48:6, s. 573-582
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • Murine monoclonal antibodies against the major cysteine proteinase inhibitors of human biological fluids, cystatin C and kininogen, were produced. The cystatin C antibody, HCC3, with a Ka of 2times107 l/mol, increased the inhibition of papain by cystatin C and was suitable for use in immunoblotting, immunohistochemistry and in the construction of a sensitive sandwich enzyme immunoassay for quantification of cystatin C. It recognized not only free cystatin C but also cystatin C in complexes with cysteine proteinases. The kininogen antibody, HK4, was directed against the third, cysteine proteinase inhibitory domain of the heavy chain of kininogen (Ka=1times107 l/mol), but did not influence the papain inhibitory activity of kininogen. It reacted with free kininogen as well as kininogen in complex with cysteine proteinases. Both antibodies could be used for the production of specific immunosorbents.
  • Sennerby, Lars, 1960-, et al. (författare)
  • Activation and migration of leukocytes and vascular leakage induced by serum-opsonized zymosan particles in hamster cheek pouch.
  • 1989
  • Ingår i: Inflammation. - 0360-3997. ; 13:1, s. 91-102
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • The effect of topically applied serum-opsonized zymosan (SOZ) and zymosan-activated serum (ZAS) was studied in the hamster cheek pouch. Our data suggest that early vascular leakage, evaluated by intravital fluorescence microscopy after injection of FITC-dextran, and accumulation of polymorphonuclear granulocytes (PMNGs), quantitated in fixed whole tissue specimens, induced by ZAS and SOZ were caused by complement activation, whereas the late leakages (greater than 20 min after SOZ application) was PMNG-dependent. Inhibition of prostaglandin and leukotriene synthesis by indomethacin, nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA), and BW755C influence early and late vascular leakage as well as accumulation of PMNGs. These drugs also inhibited the activation of hamster PMNGs in vitro, as evaluated by chemiluminescence, in a dose-dependent manner. (-)-Terbutaline, an adrenergic beta agonist, decreased vascular leakage but had no effect on PMNG activation and accumulation.
  • Abrahamson, Magnus (författare)
  • Human cysteine proteinase inhibitors. Isolation, physiological importance, inhibitory mechanism, gene structure and relation to hereditary cerebral hemorrhage
  • 1988
  • Ingår i: Scandinavian journal of clinical and laboratory investigation. Supplementum. - Taylor & Francis. - 0085-591X. ; 48, s. 21-31
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • The isolation and characterization of six human cysteine proteinase inhibitors is reported. Their distribution in human biological fluids is also described and discussed with respect to physiological function. Studies on kininogen and cystatin C with respect to structure-function relationships and, as a result of the cystatin C studies, a general model for the mechanism of cysteine proteinase inhibition by cystatins are presented. The model was used for the construction of synthetic inhibitors which showed good inhibitory properties against papain and the streptococcal cysteine proteinase. Structures of cDNA and gene for normal human cystatin C are accounted for, as well as studies on the cystatin C gene in patients suffering from hereditary cystatin C amyloid angiopathy (HCCAA). As a result of this an RFLP that showed total co-segregation with the disease was found. It was concluded that the disease is caused by a point mutation in the cystatin C structural gene and that the RFLP will be a most useful tool for diagnosis of HCCAA. The production of recombinant cystatin C in E. coli is also reported and its possible use for treatment of HCCAA is discussed.
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