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Sökning: hsvkat:504 mat:dok (lärosäte:(gu) OR lärosäte:(du) OR lärosäte:(kau) OR lärosäte:(lnu) OR lärosäte:(ltu) OR lärosäte:(lu) OR lärosäte:(miun) OR lärosäte:(mdh) OR lärosäte:(su) OR lärosäte:(umu) OR lärosäte:(uu) OR lärosäte:(oru)) > Danska

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  • Esholdt, Henriette frees (författare)
  • Når humor, leg og lyst er på spil - social interaktion på en multietnisk arbejdsplads
  • 2015
  • Doktorsavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • How can we understand the multi-ethnic workplace as a social meeting place? And what happens if we do not 'frame' in advance the social meeting in the widespread anti-racist frame of understanding? These are the questions that are central to this thesis. Starting from a phenomenological methodology, it is the ambition of the thesis to challenge our usual preconceptions and not pre-define how inter-ethnic relations are to be understood, which is why the thesis - expressed in Goffman's terms - asks: ”What is it that’s going on here?” (Goffman 1974), as a way of finding which framework of understanding should be applied. Based on the part of the lifeworld that unfolds in a multi-ethnic workplace, the thesis examines the social interaction in inter-ethnic collegial relationships as it spontaneously arises and develops in the inter-ethnic collegial relationships in everyday working life. The thesis is based on fieldwork (consisting of participant observation and interviews) at the Food Factory ("Madfabrikken"), a multi-ethnic workplace in the hospitality sector in Denmark. With an auto-ethnographic point of departure, the researcher brings herself into play in the relationships under study, and makes herself an object of observation, reflection and study. In addition to the life at the Food Factory, the thesis is also concerned with the research process, and experiments with different methods of grasping and conveying the life lived in the Food Factory in all its complexity and ambiguity. The thesis explores empirical observations of social interactions, where humour, play and pleasure are on the line. As much as the interplay in the collegial relationships at the Food Factory can be pleasurable and fun, it does, however, bring the risk of danger. It is this duality that is illuminated in this thesis. In the first instance, the humour, play and pleasure are continually on line in the collegial interaction and this contributes to a range of humour-based and sexualized forms of social interaction, where "ethnicity" is defused and enjoyed as an aesthetic and sexualised surface. Secondly, it is true in the sense that humour, play and pleasure risk being on the line or jeopardized, if the rules for the interaction are not mastered or respected. What was previously 'framed' as being pleasurable, sexualized play and teasing at work, or what was set in a humorous frame, is suddenly in danger of being replaced or overtaken by a new 'framing' of the situation as sexual harassment or racism. The thesis does not end up with definitive answers as to how social interaction in a multi-ethnic workplace should be understood and how we can understand it as a social meeting place, but contributes with the knowledge that social interaction in inter-ethnic collegial relationships is vulnerable, ambiguous, fragile, undecidable, manipulable and redefinable. With an object-sensitive eye, the thesis contributes to other, more nuanced narratives about the social meeting of the inter-ethnic relationships - namely the narratives about the life lived and its forms.
  • Petersen, Anders, 1973- (författare)
  • Depression vor tidsalders vrangside
  • 2007
  • Doktorsavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • What are the social conditions that enable depression to play a significant societal role in contemporary Western societies? This is the leading question of the dissertation. As an alternative to those who claim that contemporary depression is constructed by the exorbitant consumption of antidepressants, it is stated that both depression and the consumption of antidepressants ispossible due to contemporary social conditions. Inspired by the analysis of modernity by Wagner, and on the basis of the theoretical concept of third modernity as proposed by Carleheden, it is claimed that an ethical conduct of life that demands authentic self-realization has been institutionalised inour historical epoch. By analysing how authentic self-realization is being realized in the new spirit of capitalism (Boltanski & Chiapello), it is being concluded that the socializing parameters of third modernity are those of being able to be active, flexible, polyvalent, adaptable, versatile etc. selves. Hence, authentic self-realization in imbued with these normative demands. In relation to the phenomenon of depression this is interesting, because contemporary depression can be understood, not as a subjective condition, but as a phenomenon of lack. What is being applauded in the society of today is just what depressive individuals lack, namely the ability to act in accordancewith the normative claims of self-realization. Depressed individuals are in that sense failed selves (Ehrenberg) who represent and informs us about the “other side” of contemporary normative self-realization requirements. In other words: Within present-day society the institutionalized demands for authentic self-realization and depression have become each others antithesis. This socially demanded form of self-realization – which is put under the scrutiny of normative critique (Taylor) – is thus exactly what allows for depression to play such a significant role in present-day Western societies.
  • Schierup, Carl-Ulrik, 1948- (författare)
  • Danser de for traditionens skyld? invandrere, kultur og samfund
  • 1987
  • Doktorsavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • This doctoral dissertation is a contribution to the current Scandinavian debate on "the integration of immigrants". It is based on a case study of a group of labour migrants from Yugoslavia, the romanian speaking Wallachians who in the late 1960's and early 1970's settled on each side of the Öresund, the narrow strait dividing Denmark and Sweden. Here they have developed two different social patterns and form of integration in Danish and Swedish local communities.Departing from a concrete social situation - the celebration of the Yugoslav national day in a Danish provincial town - the study uses anthropological fieldwork, personal biographies of migrants and a sociological survey to analyze different strategies of integration among "Danish" and "Swedish" Wallachians. The analysis elucidates develop­ments within two fields of social life: work and public community life. Conflicts and developments in these two fields are analyzed in conjunction with conflicts in the Wallachian family.It is argued that an autonomous cultural development and organization among immigrants is crucial for their positive integration into society. In the concluding part of the book this is discussed in conjunction with the development of the welfare state and in relation to different political ideologies in Scandinavia and Western Europe.
  • Schreiber, Trine, 1957- (författare)
  • Forhåbninger og skuffelser i kvindeerhvervene kvinders møde med ny teknologi og organisatorisk forandring
  • 1994
  • Doktorsavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • In the meeting between women from office- and library work and the computer technology and organizational changes, different actions were found. The purpose of the thesis is to analyse this meeting to consider the situation of the employed when computer technology and new organization are implemented, to discuss the importance of prior social and working life with regard to the understanding of the meeting and to address the working conditions in the 1980s with special attention to women.The starting point for the analysis of the meeting is an empirical study. The study uses qualitative data from interviews with 30 women. 24 women expresses criticism, 6 expresses consent, with the renewals.The analysis has three levels. At the first level the contents of the interviews are described. At the second level, from a theory of action, criticism and consent are considered for both foundations and forms of action. At the third level these forms of action are discussed in relation to a list of historical conditions for the social and working life of women generally.The thesis shows, firstly, that in the criticism and the consent there are three forms of action. These are the department-based form of action, the solidarity form and the individual form. Secondly, that in light of the socio-historical structures it becomes possible to see the three forms of action as three types of interest for development of work and organization. Thus behind both criticism and consent there is an interest in development and change. In the context of the socio-historical perspectives this interest is emphasized.The thesis shows, thirdly, that both the hopes and the disappointments of womens prior working life are reproduced in the 1980s. Lastly, that the forms of action and the types of interest reflect the limited possibilities for women in the female-occupations to change their position in the working life.
  • Ebsen, Frank (författare)
  • Udsat til børneforsorg - om etablering af familiepleje, børenanstalter og indsats i hjemmet for udsatte børn i Danmark
  • 2012
  • Doktorsavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • This dissertation looks into the treatment of exposed children and young people. The background is a puzzlement as to how the discourse on treatment, during the latest twenty years, has concentrated on the same institutions and themes (Ebsen, 2007). The aim of the dissertation is to shed light on how the institutions of child saving, (family care, placement in residential care, intervention in the home) the specific social technologies and the understanding of children and adolescents, within the child saving system, were established. The first step in this research was to look back in time through the legislation and realize that the first stand-alone act on exposed children and adolescents was launched in 1905 (The Act of neglected and Criminal Children and Adolescents). The Act states that the institutions of child saving include family care, small and large institutions, special intervention in the homes of the neglected children, and an agency which was to make decisions on removing a child and, if necessary, on where the child should be placed. It appears as if the institutions had already been established at the time, and were just gathered in one act. The act gathered the many organizations into a public unity of child saving with the crucial point of securing a public financing by the state. There are good reasons for regarding the 1905 Act as a kind of constitution of the Danish child saving (Like e.g. Egelund, 1997; Bryderup, 2008). This led to research into the background of the 1905 Act More specifically, it led to the study of how the various institutions mentioned in the Act had come into being, and it was examined whether there existed some kind of special institutional “lock-up” which meant that one century later the same institutions were still crucial.
  • Egelund, Tine (författare)
  • Beskyttelse af barndommen: socialforvaltningers risikovurdering og indgreb
  • 1997
  • Doktorsavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • The objectives of this dissertation are 1) to describe what child protection services actually do when assessing risk and deciding on interventions, and 2) to analyze this practice in the light of institutional expectations, organizational demands and professional technology. The field work was carried out in two Danish municipal social service agencies. Data consist of records on families subjected to serious interventions. Participant observation of case conferences and social workers' and supervisors' work days was undertaken, including their conversations with clients. In-depth interviews were conducted with mothers whose children had been placed outside home. Protection of children is analyzed in a historical and a child abuse and neglect research context. Results indicate that children's risks are not, as a rule, assessed on the basis of an understanding of the child's well-being, day to day experiences, or symptoms. Child protection services, normally, do not know the children concerned well enough for this. Neither are children's unfavourable socioeconomic conditions considered. Risk is assessed according to parents' conformity with or deviation from dominating cultural and moral conceptions of acceptable adult and parental performance. The services construct "normal cases" in order to adapt family complexity to administrative criteria and the available repertoire of solutions. A central construc tion is "the deviant family", focusing on all deviant traits and relations. Another construction is that of the "undeserving client", stressing parents' demanding and unruly ways. Yet another is "the psychological individual" transforming social needs into psychological problems which can be met by social policy measures. Institutional and legal expectations from child protection are so many and contradictory that the service objective, i.e. protecting children, is at variance with competing interests and expecta tions. The child protection organization maintains its legitimacy and proves its efforts by conforming to a variety of procedural requirements, which favour intra-organizational administrative processes and keep families at a distance. Institutional and organizational contradictions and an uncertain technology account for a child protection professionalism which is based on common sense concepts and moral evaluations and, seldom, includes the use of knowledge verified by research.
  • Munk, Martin D (författare)
  • Livsbaner gennem et felt: en analyse af eliteidraetsudøveres sociale mobilitet og rekonversioner af kapital i det sociale rum
  • 1999
  • Doktorsavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • Popular Abstract in Swedish Livsbaner gennem et felt viser hvorledes eliteidrætsudøvere klarer sig i samfundet efter livet i sporten. Spørgsmålet er om erhvervelse af fysisk sportskapital i sportsfeltet, medieret gennem berømmelse, medvirker til at opnå et arbejde eller en bestemt placering i samfundet. Sportskapital bidrager måske til social mobilitet. Dette er belyst gennem konkrete undersøgelser af eliteidrætsudøveres liv under og efter forløbet. Individer agerer i overensstemmelse med de objektive muligheder, som byder sig. Udøverne finder som oftest vej til stillinger i samfundet via akademisk eller faglært uddannelse og joberfaringer. Der er forholdsvis få jobs i sporten, blandt andet fordi idrætten er organiseret gennem private ikke-statslige institutioner. Det er hyppigst udøvere med megen anerkendt sportskapital fra det relative autonome sportsfelt, som det lykkes at blive i feltet. Betragtes alle idrætsgrene, viser det sig generelt, at knap halvdelen af de tidligere udøvere socialt set reproduceres, det vil sige, de får nogenlunde tilsvarende erhverv som deres forældre. Godt en fjerdedel 'taber' terræn i forhold til social oprindelse, og mere end en femtedel 'vinder' socialt. Gennem sociologiske analyser vises nuancerne mellem forskellige livsbaner og grupper, idet de udtrykkes i objektive relationelle oppositioner. Livet i sporten opfattes af nogle udøvere som en 'karriere' og af andre udøvere som 'ikke-karriere'. Dette bringes blandt andet frem i lyset ved hjælp af graferne i korrespondanceanalyserne (visualisering). Disse gør det muligt at foretage analyser, der er empirifølsomme, og dermed kommer man tættere på de faktiske sociale processer. Det er en udbredt myte, at sporten især er et rum for lower outcasts. Faktisk bevæger få ufaglærte og mange akademikere sig gennem sportsfeltet. Der findes en homologi mellem sportsfeltets positionsstruktur, og den tilsvarende struktur, som viser sig efter ophøret med eliteidræt i det sociale rum i Danmark.
  • Raunkiær, Mette (författare)
  • At være døende hjemme ? hverdagsliv og idealer
  • 2007
  • Doktorsavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • Popular Abstract in Swedish Avhandlingen omfattar två delstudier. Huvudfokus är en fältstudie, där syftet är att förstå obotlig sjukdom och döden som konkreta erfarenheter på aktörsnivå. Med hjälp av observationer och intervjuer följs nio döende, anhöriga och sjuksköterskor under en tid i familjens hem. Den andra delstudien är en diskursanalys av danska socialpolitiska rapporter om det palliativa fältet från 1985 till 2006. Syftet är att belysa samhälleliga ideal om "den goda döden". Den vetenskapsteoretiska ansatsen är inspirerad av socialkonstruktionismen. I fältstudiens analyser har det lagts vikt på vardagslivsteori och diskursanalysen är inspirerad av genealogisk diskursanalys, diskursteori samt teorier om hur sociala problem konstrueras. Fältstudien visar hur vardagens rutiner, tid samt rum har väsentlig betydelse för familjens vardag samt hur döendes kroppsupplevelse kan ha inflytande på olika handlingsstrategier. Det ges inblick i hur relationer och interaktioner utmanas samt hur frågor om döendes val av boende, intima situationer samt ’att tala om döden’ kan vara svåra att hantera. När det gäller sjuksköterskorna framgår det t.ex. hur medicindosering och andra kliniska uppgifter kan ha olika funktioner samt hur kontakten med familjemedlemmarna kan vara en utmaning för de professionella. Diskursanalysen visar bl.a. att idealet om "den goda döden" länkas till val av boendeform och / eller död i hemmet. Det formuleras villkor för "den goda döden" genom diskurser som tar sin utgångspunkt i medicin, psykologi och ett välfärdstänkande. Medicinen framstår som dominant genom diskurser om kontroll av kroppen och detta präglar hur arbetet organiseres och förstås. Diskursen om kontroll av psyket, med utgångspunkt i en kristeoretisk tolkningsram framstår också som dominant. Mindre tonvikt läggs vid diskurser om det religiösa, andliga och existentiella. I studien framträder tydligt diskurser om rätt till autonomi samt om det sociala utifrån ett välfärdsperspektiv. Det tål att diskuteras huruvida den medicinska diskursen samt diskursen om kontroll av psyket utifrån en kristeoretisk tolkningsram tillgodoser döende och anhörigas behov. Vardagen innebär att döende och anhöriga successivt, praktiskt och relationellt skall kunna upprätthålla "det normala" genom kontinuitet och rutiner och även förhålla sig till det atypiska (t.ex. nya symptom, en annorlunda relation). Det ställs krav på interaktionerna mellan döende och anhöriga - deras roller och positioner utmanas.
  • Skytte, Marianne (författare)
  • Anbringelse af etniske minoritetsbørn. Om socialarbejderes vurderinger og handlinger
  • 2002
  • Doktorsavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • Abstract in Danish Afhandlingens hovedproblemstillinger er: Hvilken betydning har det for danske socialarbejderes vurderinger og handlinger i børnefamiliearbejdet, at et barn og dets familie ikke er etniske danskere? Denne problemstilling undersøges gennem tre empiriske undersøgelser: Familieplejeundersøgelsen består af en journalundersøgelse af 44 anbragte etniske minoritetsbørns journaler samt interviews med 10 af de familieplejekonsulenter, der har anbragt børnene og haft tilsynet med anbringelserne. Datamaterialet analyseres udfra tre forskellige perspektiver: et kontinuitetsperspektiv, et kontinuitetsrettighedsperspektiv (udfra Børnekonventionen) og et ligestillingsperspektiv. I analysen af datamaterialet skelnes mellem tilrettelæggelsen af anbringelserne for uledsagede flygtningebørn, døgnanbringelse af børn, der anbringes fra forældre her i landet og deltidsanbringelse (aflastnings- og rådighedsanbringelse) af børn. Analyserne af datamaterialet viser, at kontinuitet omkring børnenes etniske, religiøse, sproglige og kulturelle baggrund ikke indgår i socialarbejdernes skøn omkring valg af anbringelsessted til børn, der anbringes fra ikke dansktalende forældre her i landet. Børnenes døgnanbringelser tilrettelægges ikke sådan, at børnene under anbringelsen har mulighed for at vedligeholde og/eller udvikle sociale og kommunikative kompetencer, således at de kan vedligeholde eller senere skabe kontakt til deres biologiske forældre. De døgnanbragte børn har således under anbringelsen ikke mulighed for at udvikle kompetencer i forhold til at indgå som kompetente medlemmer af deres familier. Det, at de døgnanbragte børns kontinuitetsrettigheder ikke synes at indgå i socialarbejdernes vurderinger og handlinger, kan i et ligestillingsperspektiv have som resultat, at anbringelsespraksis ikke ligestiller disse børn med jævnaldrende, idet de anbragte børn ikke får mulighed for at opnå samme kompetencer som jævnaldrende til at færdes på egne familiers og deres netværks arenaer. Blandt de 9 uledsagede flygtningebørn, der indgår i undersøgelsen, er de 6 anbragt under forhold, hvor der kan skabes kontinuitet i forhold til børnenes etniske, sproglige, religiøse og kulturelle baggrund. Når de bortses fra disse børn, synes socialarbejderens vurderinger og handlinger at være karakteriseret ved et assimilerende syn på etniske minoritetsbørn. Børnene anbringes under forhold, hvor de alene har mulighed for at udvikle kompetencer i forhold til det majoritetsdanske samfund. I vignetundersøgelsen har 133 socialarbejdere fra 16 forskellige kommunale børne- og familieafsnit besvaret spørgeskemaer opbygget omkring 2 vignetter én med en 4-årig dreng og én med en 12-årig dreng. Ordlyden i spørgeskemaerne er identisk, bortset fra at drengenes navne i halvdelen af vignetterne er Erik og Jan, mens de i den sidste halvdel af vignetterne er Osman og Ali. Hovedfundet i vignetundersøgelsen er, at der ikke er signifikante forskelle i de to respondentgruppers svar. Socialarbejderens vurderinger af spørgsmålet om, hvornår de vil anse en anbringelse uden for hjemmet relevant, er ikke afhængig af, om drengene i vignetterne hedder Osman og Ali eller Jan og Erik. En analyse af foranstaltningsstatistikken for 2000. Analysen er bygget op over samkørsler af socialstatistikken omkring børn og unge med befolkningsregistreringen. På baggrund af disse særkørsler fra Danmarks Statistik finder jeg, at børn, der i befolkningsregistret er kategoriserede som efterkommere, anbringes med signifikant lavere hyppighed - nemlig halvt så hyppigt - end børn af kategorien øvrige. Der er også en tendens til, at børn i kategorien indvandrere i aldersgrupperne 5-14 år anbringes med lavere hyppighed end børn i kategorien øvrige, mens der ikke er systematiske forskelle på anbringelsesfrekvenserne for indvandrere og øvrige i aldersgruppen 0-4 år og 15-19 år. Der er signifikante forskelle på valg af anbringelsessted for indvandrere og efterkommere i forhold til øvrige. Øvrige børn og unge anbringes hovedsaglig i familiepleje, mens efterkommere og indvandrere anbringes på døgninstitution. Der er også signifikante forskelle på, hvilke andre hjælpeforanstaltninger end anbringelser indvandrere og efterkommere modtager - set i forhold til øvrige. Indvandrere og efterkommere modtager hjælpeforanstaltninger, der ikke indebærer, at de også bor udenfor forældrenes hjem (personlig rådgiver og fast kontaktperson); mens øvrige børn primært modtager hjælpeforanstaltninger, der indebærer, at de regelmæssigt kan tilbringe en del af hverdagen uden for deres forældres hjem på aflastnings-, kost- og efterskoleophold. I afhandlingens sidste del diskuteres resultaterne af de tre undersøgelsesdele i forhold til hinanden. Og der foreslås en teoretisk forståelsesramme for, hvordan det manglende hensyn til det anbragte barns muligheder for at opleve kontinuitet omkring sit liv og den ringe inddragelse af de anbragte børns kontinuitetsrettigheder i socialarbejdernes vurderinger og handlinger kan forstås. Forståelsesrammen bygges op omkring dansk nationalitetsforståelse, velfærdsstatlig retlig regulering, socialarbejderes selvforståelse og særlige medborgerskabsopfattelse.
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