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  • A. Costa, Nicole, 1988- (författare)
  • Human Centred Design for Maritime Safety: A User Perspective on the Benefits and Success Factors of User Participation in the Design of Ships and Ship Systems
  • 2016
  • Licentiatavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • For over six decades, Human Centred Design (HCD) has been considered a desired design approach for the implementation of Human Factors/Ergonomics (HF/E) knowledge and methods for understanding the needs of the end-users. Although other comparable frameworks exist, they can be seen as subcategories or as tools for HCD, as HCD is considered by some as an overarching approach. This design approach has gradually been integrated into different fields, but engineering sciences have been more reluctant towards embracing its adoption. Although these challenges may be explicable – one of them being that HF/E methods are often not immediately understood and applicable in industrial settings – the maritime sector has begun to overcome these challenges and to understand and highlight the impact of the human element on the safety and efficiency of maritime operations and environmental protection. Nevertheless, more initiative and attention to HF/E is needed. Thus, the work considered in this thesis takes a proactive approach towards the integration of HCD in the maritime domain by involving maritime end-users in a discussion about the opportunities of human-centred and participatory design. This was done through two focus group interviews with two different participant samples of end-users, with special focus on the navigation of merchant vessels. The analysis of the focus group interviews was guided by a Grounded Theory approach. The work presented in this thesis is part of the project Crew-Centered Design and Operation of Ships and Ship Systems (CyClaDes), supported by funds from the European Commission and its Seventh Framework Programme. The CyClaDes project intended to promote the increased potential impact of HF/E and HCD knowledge on ship design and operations, by understanding where and how to best integrate it and where and how barriers to its integration occur. The findings in this thesis highlight HCD and its participatory principle as a means to attain a set of benefits at a physical, cognitive, psychosocial, organizational, and socio-political levels, and ultimately attain safer maritime operations. The results suggest that successful integration of a human-centred and participatory design philosophy in the maritime domain should include more and appropriate user representativeness within design, rule-making and purchasing to bridge the gap between the requirements of the users and of other stakeholders, between design and usability. The benefits of, and the prerequisites for, successful HCD integration within the complex sociotechnical system of shipping describe a holistic model for maritime HCD.
  • Aagerup, Ulf, 1969- (författare)
  • The Impact of User Weight on Brands and Business Practices in Mass Market Fashion
  • 2010
  • Licentiatavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • Overweight people claim to be mistreated by the fashion industry. If they were, it would be in line with branding theory supporting the idea of rejecting fat consumers to improve user imagery for fashion brands. However, fashion companies do not confess to such practices.To shed some light on the subject, I have conducted two studies.The first attempts to illustrate what effect, if any, user imagery has on fashion brands. It is an experiment designed to show how the weight of users affects consumers’ perceptions of mass market fashion brands. The findings show that consumers’ impressions of mass market fashion brands are significantly affected by the weight of its users. The effect of male user imagery is ambiguous. For women’s fashion on the other hand, slender users are to be preferred.In the second study I examine what effects these effects have on assortments. I compare the sizes of mass market clothes to the body sizes of the population. No evidence of discrimination of overweight or obese consumers was found -quite the contrary.The reasons for these unexpected findings may be explained by the requirements a brand must fulfil to make management of the customer base for user imagery purposes viable. The brand must be sensitive to user imagery; a requirement that mass market fashion fulfils. However, it must also be feasible for a company to exclude customers, and while garment sizes can be restricted to achieve this, the high volume sales strategy of mass market fashion apparently cannot.
  • Aalipour, Mojgan (författare)
  • Human Factors Approach for Maintenance Improvement
  • 2015
  • Licentiatavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • The purpose of this research work is to explore and describe human factors affectingmaintenance execution. To achieve the purpose of this study, the influencing factors have been identified using a literature survey. They have been categorized into four main groups namely organizational, workplace, job and individual factors. The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method is employed on data questionnaires to rank the priority of the factors. The interrelationships between these factors have been recognized by theInterpretive Structural Modelling (ISM) model. In the present case studies, MICMAC1analysis technique is also implemented for identifying the driving, dependent, linkage and autonomous factors. The data was collected through a questionnaire survey involving the participation of 16 and 25 maintenance staff and 10 mining experts in Swedish and Iranian mines, respectively. Within the study, it has been identified that the temperature, work layout, tools design and tools availability are the most important factors in both mines related to these categories. However, the significant factors in the organizational and individual categories are different in the selected mines. The effect of workplace factors on the maintainability of mining equipment is discussed and thereafter a methodology for maintainability management in the design and operation phases is developed. In the thirdcase study HEART2 is applied to estimate the probability of human error occurring duringmaintenance execution in an Iranian cable company. This research supports maintenance management to gain knowledge of human factors that affect maintenance execution. Further, this understanding could be useful in the development of strategies to improve the execution of maintenance.Keywords: Human Factors, Maintenance Management, Human Reliability, HumanPerformance, AHP, ISM, MICMAC, HEART
  • Aarno, Daniel, 1979- (författare)
  • Intention recognition in human machine collaborative systems
  • 2007
  • Licentiatavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • Robotsystem har använts flitigt under de senaste årtiondena för att skapa automationslösningar i ett flertal områden. De flesta nuvarande automationslösningarna är begränsade av att uppgifterna de kan lösa måste vara repetitiva och förutsägbara. En av anledningarna till detta är att dagens robotsystem saknar förmåga att förstå och resonera om omvärlden. På grund av detta har forskare inom robotik och artificiell intelligens försökt att skapa intelligentare maskiner. Trots att stora framsteg har gjorts då det gäller att skapa robotar som kan fungera och interagera i en mänsklig miljö så finns det för nuvarande inget system som kommer i närheten av den mänskliga förmågan att resonera om omvärlden. För att förenkla problemet har vissa forskare föreslagit en alternativ lösning till helt självständiga robotar som verkar i mänskliga miljöer. Alternativet är att kombinera människors och maskiners förmågor. Exempelvis så kan en person verka på en avlägsen plats, som kanske inte är tillgänglig för personen i fråga på grund av olika orsaker, genom att använda fjärrstyrning. Vid fjärrstyrning skickar operatören kommandon till en robot som verkar som en förlängning av operatörens egen kropp. Segmentering och identifiering av rörelser skapade av en operatör kan användas för att tillhandahålla korrekt assistans vid fjärrstyrning eller samarbete mellan människa och maskin. Assistansen sker ofta inom ramen för virtuella fixturer där eftergivenheten hos fixturen kan justeras under exekveringen för att tillhandahålla ökad prestanda i form av ökad precision och minskad tid för att utföra uppgiften. Den här avhandlingen fokuserar på två aspekter av samarbete mellan människa och maskin. Klassificering av en operatörs rörelser till ett på förhand specificerat tillstånd under en manipuleringsuppgift och assistans under manipuleringsuppgiften baserat på virtuella fixturer. Den specifika tillämpningen som behandlas är manipuleringsuppgifter där en mänsklig operatör styr en robotmanipulator i ett fjärrstyrt eller samarbetande system. En metod för att följa förloppet av en uppgift medan den utförs genom att använda virtuella fixturer presenteras. Istället för att följa en på förhand specificerad plan så har operatören möjlighet att undvika oväntade hinder och avvika från modellen. För att möjliggöra detta estimeras kontinuerligt sannolikheten att operatören följer en viss trajektorie (deluppgift). Estimatet används sedan för att justera eftergivenheten hos den virtuella fixturen så att ett beslut om hur rörelsen ska fixeras kan tas medan uppgiften utförs. En flerlagers dold Markovmodell (eng. layered hidden Markov model) används för att modellera mänskliga färdigheter. En gestemklassificerare som klassificerar en operatörs rörelser till olika grundläggande handlingsprimitiver, eller gestemer, evalueras. Gestemklassificerarna används sedan i en flerlagers dold Markovmodell för att modellera en simulerad fjärrstyrd manipuleringsuppgift. Klassificeringsprestandan utvärderas med avseende på brus, antalet gestemer, typen på den dolda Markovmodellen och antalet tillgängliga träningssekvenser. Den flerlagers dolda Markovmodellen tillämpas sedan på data från en trajektorieföljningsuppgift i 2D och 3D med en robotmanipulator för att ge både kvalitativa och kvantitativa resultat. Resultaten tyder på att den flerlagers dolda Markovmodellen är väl lämpad för att modellera trajektorieföljningsuppgifter och att den flerlagers dolda Markovmodellen är robust med avseende på felklassificeringar i de underliggande gestemklassificerarna.
  • Abaravicius, Juozas (författare)
  • Load Management in Residential Buildings: Considering Techno-Economical and Environmental Aspects
  • 2004
  • Licentiatavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • Load problems in electricity markets occur both on the supply and demand side and can have technical, economic and even political causes. Commonly, such problems have been solved by expanding production and/or distribution capacity, importing electricity or by load management. Load management is a techno-economic measure for harmonizing the relations between supply and demand sides, optimizing power generation and transmission and increasing security of supply. Interest in load management differs depending on the perspective of the actors involved: from customer, utility, or producer to state policymaker. The problem of load demand and load management in residential sector is in this thesis approached from different perspectives, i.e. technical, economic, and environmental. The study does not go deep into detailed analyses of each perspective, but rather aims to establish and analyze the links between them. This trans-disciplinary approach is the key methodological moment used in the research work performed by the research group for load management in buildings at the Lund Institute of Technology. The key objective of this study is to analyze load demand variation and load management possibilities in residential sector, particularly detached and semi-detached houses, to experimentally test and analyze the conditions and potential of direct load management from customer and utility viewpoint. Techno-economic and environmental aspects are investigated. The study was performed in collaboration with one electric utility in Southern Sweden. Ten electric-heated houses were equipped with extra meters, enabling hourly load measurements for heating, hot water and total electricity use. Household heating and hot water systems were controlled by the utility using an existing remote reading and monitoring system. The residents noticed some of the control periods, although they didn’t express any larger discomfort. The experiments proved that direct load management might be a possible solution for the utility to solve their peak demand problems. Another solution, considered by the utility and analyzed in this study is a construction of diesel peak power plant. This alternative has negative environmental consequences compared to load management. The analysis of environmental aspects was extended to national level. To include an environmental perspective is a novel approach, since traditionally, load management evaluation is limited the economic and technical viewpoints. It identifies and discusses the possible environmental benefits of load management and evaluates their significance, primary focusing on CO2 emissions reduction. The results show the importance of considering the influence of site-specific or level-specific conditions on the environmental effects of load management. On the national level, load management measures can hardly provide significant environmental benefits, since hydropower is used as the demand following production source in Sweden. Emission reductions will rather be the result of energy efficiency measures, which will cut the load demand as well as the energy demand.
  • Abas, Riad Abdul (författare)
  • Property measurements towards understanding process phenomena
  • 2005
  • Licentiatavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • The main objective of this industrially important work was to gain an increasing understanding of the properties of materials such as CMSX-4 nickel base super alloy, mould powder used in continuous casting of steel and coke used in blast furnace, with special reference to the thermal diffusivities. The measurements were carried out in a wide temperature range, solid, liquid, glassy and crystalline states.For CMSX-4 alloy, the thermal conductivities were calculated from the experimental thermal diffusivities. Both the diffusivities and conductivities were found to increase with increasing temperature. Microscopic analysis showed the presence of intermetallic phases such as NiTi and NiTi2 below 1253 K. In this region, the mean free path of the phonons is likely to be limited by scattering against lattice defects. Between 1253 K and solidus temperature, these phases dissolved in the alloy adding to the impurities in the matrix, which, in turn, caused a decrease in the thermal diffusivity. This effect was confirmed by annealing the samples at 1573 K. The thermal diffusivities of the annealed samples measured at 1277, 1403 and 1531 K were found to be lower than the thermal diffusivities of non-annealed samples and the values did not show any noticeable change with time. It could be related to the attainment of equilibrium with the completion of the dissolution of γ and γ´ phases during the annealing process.Liquid CMSX-4 does not show any change of thermal diffusivity with temperature. It may be attributed to the decreasing the mean free path being shorter than characteristic distance between two neighbouring atoms.On the other hand thermal diffusivities of mould powder having glassy and crystalline states decrease with increasing temperature at lower temperature and are constant at higher temperature except for one glassy sample.Analogously, the thermal diffusivity measurements of mould powder did not show any significant change with temperature in liquid state. It is likely to be due to the silicate network being largely broken down.The thermal diffusivity is increased with increasing crystallisation degree of mould powder, which is expected from theoretical considerations.The coke sample, taken from deeper level of the blast furnace, is found to have larger thermal diffusivity. This could be correlated to the average crystallite size along the structural c-axis, Lc, which is indicative of the higher degree of graphitisation. This was also confirmed by XRD measurements of the different coke samples. The degree of graphitisation was found to increase with increasing temperature. Further, XRD measurements of coke samples taken from different levels in the shaft of the blast furnace show that the graphitisation of coke was instantaneous between room temperature and 1473 K.
  • Abbasi, Maisam (författare)
  • Themes and challenges in developing sustainable supply chains
  • 2012
  • Licentiatavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • Sustainable development is one of the greatest global challenges facing human beings in the 21st century. In order to tackle sustainability related problems, several global, European, and national targets for 2050 have been set. The transition of supply chains activities towards sustainability targets calls for designing new strategies and continuously identifying and tackling the challenges that can hinder the operationalization of such strategies. The purpose of this research was to explore and classify themes and challenges in developing sustainable supply chains activities in general, and freight transport and urban distribution in particular. Three research questions were defined followed by defining the scientific assumptions and research strategies. Three research studies were then designed and carried out to find trustworthy and authentic answers to the corresponding research questions. However, research design, data collection, and data analysis were mixed and overlapping as they were not completely sequentially carried out. Data were collected by triangulation of different research methods, namely, literature review, content analysis, and semi-structured interviews. Analysis of the data was guided by principles of content analysis, discourse analysis, analytic induction, and grounded theory. Synthesis of the analyzed data resulted in the emergence of categories of themes and challenges, the development of hypotheses, and further discussion. In total, five categories of themes were identified for making supply chains environmentally sustainable, fifteen for making freight transport sustainable, and eight for making urban freight distribution sustainable. Five categories of challenges were identified for making supply chains environmentally sustainable, five for making freight transport sustainable, and seven for making urban freight distribution sustainable. All the themes and challenges were then synthesized to determine the patterns of their association. Five major themes in developing sustainable supply chains emerged, namely, increasing sustainability awareness, closing the loop of supply chains, making supply chains energy-efficient, making supply chains environmentally responsible, and managerial issues. Five major challenges in developing sustainable supply chains emerged, namely, change of behavior, costs, implementation, corporate governance, and antagonistic effects and paradoxical conflicts. As the nature of supply chains and the challenges identified in developing them sustainably is complex, a complexity theory perspective was considered beneficial for dealing with them. Such a perspective can enable us to: take a more holistic view of available sustainability-oriented strategies and activities; analyze the antagonistic effects of strategies and activities on each other; recognize conflicts of a paradoxical character that exist in supply chains; analyze the changes influencing and influenced by the strategies and activities; appreciate enough diversity and freedom among the sub-systems rather than too much simplification of them; design and redesign the transition paths for different types of supply chains. A complexity theory perspective can also be beneficial when governing a transformative transition of supply chains towards sustainability targets. Lessons are suggested in the discussion chapter that may help policy and decision makers in designing the future strategies and in tackling the challenges. The themes identified can be beneficial for increasing the absorptive capacity of industries, practitioners, and policy makers while they design innovative strategies for transitions towards sustainability targets. The identified challenges can also be beneficial for reducing the inertia and uncertainties against operationalization of sustainable development in practice.
  • Abbasi, Saeed (författare)
  • Characterisation of airborne particles from rail traffic
  • 2011
  • Licentiatavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • Since the investigation of wear particles in rail transport started in late-1910s, the high mass concentration of these particles has raised worries among researchers concerned with air quality. However, effective action has yet to be taken because of lack of relevant knowledge. This thesis provides applicable information for the airborne wear particles in rail transport. Some aspects of their characteristics such as diameter size, mass concentration, number concentration, and morphology of particles were investigated in field tests and laboratory tests.The effects on particle characterisations from different operational conditions in the field tests, and applying different braking materials, conducting tests in different applied loads or sliding velocities in the laboratory tests were studied. The main advantage of conducting laboratory tests was to focus on studying particles from one source. The possibility of repetition, using high sensitive instruments and conducting tests at low costs are the other advantages of laboratory studies. Paper A describes how a pin-on-disc machine was used to reproduce similar real operational conditions during mechanical braking in a train. The results were validated by comparing the field tests results with the laboratory studies. The particles morphology and size distribution were also studied.Paper B presents a summary of field tests results. The effects of curve negotiating and applying braking in different real conditions were investigated with an on-board measurement.The element composition of the particles and their potential sources were also investigated outside of the particles morphologies.Paper C presents comprehensive results from laboratory studies on airborne particles from different braking materials. The differences in the particle characteristics in similar test conditions were attributable to different material compositions and dominant wear mechanisms. A new index was introduced in this paper and is suggested to be used as a qualitative factor with regard to the airborne wear particle emission rate.Paper D is a review of the recent studies of exhaust emission and non-exhaust emission from rail vehicles. A summary of results, measurements, adverse health effects, and proposed or applied solutions are reviewed in this paper.
  • Abbasiverki, Roghayeh (författare)
  • Analysis of underground concrete pipelines subjected to seismic high-frequency loads
  • 2016
  • Licentiatavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • Nedgrävda rörledningar (pipelines) är rörformiga strukturer som används för transport av viktiga flytande material och gas för att säkerhetsställa samhälleliga funktioner. Denna typ av infrastruktursystem korsar stora områden med olika geologiska förhållanden. Under en jordbävning kan markdeformationer påverka rörledningar av betong vilka kan få allvarliga skador som i sin tur kan leda till störningar i vitala system, såsom till exempel kylning av kärnkraftsanläggningar. Den höga säkerhetsnivå som eftersträvas ger upphov till ett behov av tillförlitliga seismiska analyser, även för strukturer som byggs i regioner som traditionellt inte har ansetts som seismiskt aktiva. Fokus i denna licentiatuppsats ligger på områden med seismiska och geologiska villkor som motsvarar de i Sverige och norra Europa. Jordbävningar i Sverige klassas som händelser inom en tektonisk platta som för regioner med hårt berg kan resultera i jordbävningar som domineras av högfrekventa markvibrationer. Sådana högfrekventa vågor propagerar genom bergmassa och jordmaterial och kan där påverka underjordiska strukturer såsom rörledningar.Syftet med detta projekt är att undersöka vilka parametrar som har stor påverkan på nedgrävda rörledningar som utsätts för högfrekventa seismiska vibrationer. Tyngdpunkten i studien är på rörledningar av armerad betong men stålledningar studeras också i jämförande syfte. Två-dimensionella finita elementmodeller används, utvecklade för dynamisk analys av rörledningar belastas av seismiska vågor som propagerar från berggrunden genom jorden. Modellerna beskriver båda längsgående och tvärgående snitt av rörledningar. Samspelet mellan rörledningar och omgivande jord beskrivs av en icke-linjär modell. De studerade rörledningarna antas vara omgivna av friktionsjord med stor, medel eller liten styvhet. Effekterna av vattenmassa i rören, grundläggningsdjup, jordlagrens tjocklek och varierande jordtjocklek på grund av lutande berggrund studeras. Det visas hur två-dimensionella modellerbaserade på plan töjning kan användas för seismisk analys av rörledningar med cirkulära tvärsnitt.Resultaten jämförs med de som erhållits för lågfrekventa jordbävningar och förhållandet mellan markrörelseparametrar och responsen hos rörledningar undersöks. Det visas att den naturliga frekvensen för modellerna beror av jordtyp, tjocklek och variation hos jordlagret. Det visas att, särskilt för högfrekventa jordbävningar, olikformigt varierande markdjup på grund av lutande berggrund avsevärt ökar spänningarna i rörledningarna. För de förhållanden som studerats är det klart att det är mindre sannolikt att högfrekvent seismisk belastning ska orsaka skador på nedgrävda rörledningar av betong. Dock är den viktigaste slutsatsen att seismisk analys ändå motiveras, även för rörledningar i områden där jordbävningar med högt frekvensinnehåll förekommer eftersom lokala variationer i markförhållanden kan ha en betydande inverkan på säkerheten.
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  • Resultat 1-10 av 7224
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