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00002867naa a2200301 4500
008210302s2020 | |||||||||||000 ||eng|
024a https://gup.ub.gu.se/publication/2854742 URI
024a https://doi.org/10.4337/jhre.2020.01.052 DOI
040 a (SwePub)gu
041 a eng
042 9 SwePub
072 7a ref2 swepub-contenttype
072 7a art2 swepub-publicationtype
100a Arvidsson, Matilda,d 1976u Gothenburg University,Göteborgs universitet,Juridiska institutionen,Department of Law4 aut0 (Swepub:gu)xarmas
2451 0a The swarm that we already are: Artificially Intelligent (AI) swarming ‘insect drones’, targeting and international humanitarian law in a posthuman ecology
264 1c 2020
520 a Over the last fifty-odd years the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) has launched programs aiming at emulating and incorporating insect technologies in military technology. The US Army Unmanned Aircrafts Systems Roadmap 2010–2035 has specified insect swarming as a field of development for Unmanned Aviation Systems. While legal scholarship has paid substantial attention to drones, autonomous weapons systems and artificial intelligence (AI), developments based on insect swarming technologies have been largely ignored. This article takes emerging AI swarming technologies in military warfare systems as its starting point and asks about the significance of the swarming insect in and through contemporary International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and warfare. Taking up Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s notions of ‘the swarm’ and the ‘war machine’, and drawing on critical environmental legal scholarship, the article argues that rather than dispersing the human from its central position in the ‘targeting loop’, the increased interest in insects for commercial and warfare purposes is an intensification of transhumanist desires and an acceleration of late capitalism. As a counter-move, and as a contribution to a posthumanist turn in IHL, the article calls for becoming-insect, swarm and minoritarian as an epistemological practice and ontological shift in IHL and its critical scholarship, resulting in a posthumanitarian legal ordering of becoming.
650 7a SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAPx Juridik0 (SwePub)5052 hsv//swe
650 7a SOCIAL SCIENCESx Law0 (SwePub)5052 hsv//eng
653 a Artificial intelligence; swarming AI; international humanitarian law; drone warfare; insects; war machine
710a Göteborgs universitetb Juridiska institutionen4 org
710a Göteborgs universitet
710a Gothenburg University
773t Journal of Human Rights and the Environmentg 11:1q 11:1x 1759-7188x 1759-7196
8564 8u https://gup.ub.gu.se/publication/285474
8564 8u https://doi.org/10.4337/jhre.2020.01.05

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