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Nano grain sized zirconia–silica glass ceramics for dental applications

Persson, Cecilia (author)
Uppsala universitet,Tillämpad materialvetenskap
Unosson, Erik (author)
Uppsala universitet,Tillämpad materialvetenskap
Ajaxon, Ingrid (author)
Uppsala universitet,Tillämpad materialvetenskap
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Engstrand, Johanna (author)
Uppsala universitet,Tillämpad materialvetenskap
Engqvist, Håkan (author)
Uppsala universitet,Tillämpad materialvetenskap
Xia, Wei (author)
Uppsala universitet,Tillämpad materialvetenskap
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Elsevier BV, 2012
In: Journal of the European Ceramic Society. - : Elsevier BV. - 0955-2219 .- 1873-619X. ; 32:16, s. 4105-4110
  • Journal article (peer-reviewed)
Abstract Subject headings
  • Glass ceramics based on lithium disilicates are commonly used in dental veneers and crowns. Alternative materials with improved mechanical properties may be of interest for more demanding applications, e.g. bridgeworks. In this study, a sol-gel method was optimized to produce nano grain-sized zirconia-silica glass ceramics with properties adequate for dental applications. The material properties were compared to those of IPS e.max (R) CAD, a commercially available lithium disilicate. The zirconia-silica glass ceramic was found to be translucent, with a transmittance of over 70%, and possessed excellent corrosion resistance. It also presented a somewhat lower elastic modulus but higher hardness than the lithium disilicate, and with the proper heat treatment a higher fracture toughness was achieved for the zirconia-silica glass ceramic. In conclusion, the material produced in this study showed promising results for use in dental applications, but the production method is sensitive and large specimen sizes may be difficult to achieve.

Subject headings

TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER  -- Materialteknik -- Keramteknik (hsv//swe)
ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY  -- Materials Engineering -- Ceramics (hsv//eng)


Teknisk fysik med inriktning mot materialvetenskap
Engineering Science with specialization in Materials Science

Publication and Content Type

ref (subject category)
art (subject category)

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Persson, Cecilia
Unosson, Erik
Ajaxon, Ingrid
Engstrand, Johan ...
Engqvist, Håkan
Xia, Wei
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Journal of the E ...
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