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  • Morales, A.I., et al. (författare)
  • β-decay Studies of Neutron-rich Tl, Pb, and Bi Isotopes
  • 2014
  • Ingår i: Physical Review C (Nuclear Physics). - : American Physical Society. - 0556-2813. ; 89:1
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • The fragmentation of relativistic uranium projectiles has been exploited at the Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung laboratory to investigate the β decay of neutron-rich nuclei just beyond 208Pb. This paper reports on β-delayed γ decays of 211–213Tl, 215Pb, and 215–219Bi de-exciting states in the daughters 211–213Pb, 215Bi, and 215–219Po. The resulting partial level schemes, proposed with the help of systematics and shell-model calculations, are presented. The role of allowed Gamow-Teller and first-forbidden β transitions in this mass region is discussed.
  • Abu-Elyazeed, R R, et al. (författare)
  • Safety and immunogenicity of a glycoprotein D genital herpes vaccine in healthy girls 10-17 years of age : results from a randomised, controlled, double-blind trial
  • 2013
  • Ingår i: Vaccine. - 0264-410X .- 1873-2518. ; 31:51, s. 6136-6143
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • OBJECTIVE: The investigational AS04-adjuvanted herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) glycoprotein D (gD2) subunit prophylactic vaccine ('HSV vaccine'; GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines) has been shown to be well tolerated in adults, but limited data exist for pre-teen and adolescent girls, a likely target population. The primary objective of this study was to compare the occurrence of serious adverse events (SAEs) over 12 months between HSV vaccine recipients and saline recipients (placebo control group) in pre-teen and adolescent girls. The immunogenicity of the HSV vaccine was also assessed.METHODS: Healthy girls aged 10-17 years, stratified by age (10-15 years; 16-17 years), were randomised 2:1:1 to receive the HSV vaccine, a hepatitis A vaccine (Havrix™; HAV control) or placebo (saline) according to a 0-, 1-, 6-month schedule. Participants and study personnel not involved in the preparation or administration of vaccines were blinded to treatment. Safety and immunogenicity analyses were performed overall and by age (10-15 years; 16-17 years) and HSV serostatus.RESULTS: No statistically significant difference in the percentage of subjects with SAEs was observed between the HSV and saline group, or between the HSV and pooled control (HAV and saline) groups. The HSV vaccine was well tolerated, although a higher incidence of solicited local symptoms was observed in the HSV group than in the control group. Neither age nor HSV serostatus at the time of study entry had an impact on the safety profile of this vaccine. The HSV vaccine was immunogenic regardless of pre-vaccination HSV serostatus. Higher anti-gD geometric mean concentrations were observed in HSV-1 seropositive participants than in HSV-1 seronegative participants.CONCLUSION: The HSV vaccine had an acceptable safety profile, and was well tolerated and immunogenic when administered to girls aged 10-17 years regardless of age or HSV pre-vaccination serostatus.
  • Ciemala, M., et al. (författare)
  • Testing ab initio nuclear structure in neutron-rich nuclei : Lifetime measurements of second 2(+) state in C-16 and O-20
  • 2020
  • Ingår i: Physical Review C. - : AMER PHYSICAL SOC. - 2469-9985 .- 2469-9993. ; 101:2
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • To test the predictive power of ab initio nuclear structure theory, the lifetime of the second 2(+) state in neutron-rich O-20, tau(2(2)(+)) = 150(-30)(+80) fs, and an estimate for the lifetime of the second 2(+) state in C-16 have been obtained for the first time. The results were achieved via a novel Monte Carlo technique that allowed us to measure nuclear state lifetimes in the tens-to-hundreds of femtoseconds range by analyzing the Doppler-shifted gamma-transition line shapes of products of low-energy transfer and deep-inelastic processes in the reaction O-18 (7.0 MeV/u) + Ta-181. The requested sensitivity could only be reached owing to the excellent performances of the Advanced gamma-Tracking Array AGATA, coupled to the PARIS scintillator array and to the VAMOS++ magnetic spectrometer. The experimental lifetimes agree with predictions of ab initio calculations using two- and three-nucleon interactions, obtained with the valence-space in-medium similarity renormalization group for O-20 and with the no-core shell model for C-16. The present measurement shows the power of electromagnetic observables, determined with high-precision gamma spectroscopy, to assess the quality of first-principles nuclear structure calculations, complementing common benchmarks based on nuclear energies. The proposed experimental approach will be essential for short lifetime measurements in unexplored regions of the nuclear chart, including r-process nuclei, when intense beams, produced by Isotope Separation On-Line (ISOL) techniques, become available.
  • Grawe, H., et al. (författare)
  • The (6+) isomer in 102Sn revisited : Neutron and proton effective charges close to the double shell closure
  • 2021
  • Ingår i: Physics Letters B. - : Elsevier BV. - 0370-2693 .- 1873-2445. ; 820
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • In a high-energy fragmentation experiment at GSI an Iπ = (6+) isomer and its γ-decay are identified in 102Sn, the two-neutron neighbour of the doubly-magic 100Sn. Its half-life is measured to be T1/2 = 367(11) ns. The possible existence of further isomers is discussed in the framework of large-scale shell model (LSSM) calculations including up to five particle-hole excitations of the 100Sn core. From the precise B(E2; 6+ → 4+) strength and the recently remeasured value for B(E2; 8+ → 6+) in the two-proton hole neighbour 98Cd effective E2 polarization charges for protons and neutrons were inferred including LSSM corrections within the full N=4 0hω space. The results are discussed in comparison to predicted and empirically determined effective operators.
  • Grodner, E., et al. (författare)
  • Hindered Gamow-Teller Decay to the Odd-Odd N=Z 62Ga: Absence of Proton-Neutron T=0 Condensate in A=62
  • 2014
  • Ingår i: Physical Review Letters. - : American Physical Society. - 1079-7114. ; 113:9
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • Search for a new kind of superfluidity built on collective proton-neutron pairs with aligned spin is performed studying the Gamow-Teller decay of the T=1, Jπ=0+ ground state of Ge62 into excited states of the odd-odd N=Z nucleus Ga62. The experiment is performed at GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung with the Ge62 ions selected by the fragment separator and implanted in a stack of Si-strip detectors, surrounded by the RISING Ge array. A half-life of T1/2=82.9(14) ms is measured for the Ge62 ground state. Six excited states of Ga62, populated below 2.5 MeV through Gamow-Teller transitions, are identified. Individual Gamow-Teller transition strengths agree well with theoretical predictions of the interacting shell model and the quasiparticle random phase approximation. The absence of any sizable low-lying Gamow-Teller strength in the reported beta-decay experiment supports the hypothesis of a negligible role of coherent T=0 proton-neutron correlations in Ga62.
  • Hinke, C. B., et al. (författare)
  • Superallowed Gamow-Teller decay of the doubly magic nucleus 100Sn
  • 2012
  • Ingår i: Nature. - : Nature Publishing Group. - 0028-0836 .- 1476-4687. ; 486:7403, s. 341-345
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • The shell structure of atomic nuclei is associated with 'magic numbers' and originates in the nearly independent motion of neutrons and protons in a mean potential generated by all nucleons. During beta(+)-decay, a proton transforms into a neutron in a previously not fully occupied orbital, emitting a positron-neutrino pair with either parallel or antiparallel spins, in a Gamow-Teller or Fermi transition, respectively. The transition probability, or strength, of a Gamow-Teller transition depends sensitively on the underlying shell structure and is usually distributed among many states in the neighbouring nucleus. Here we report measurements of the half-life and decay energy for the decay of Sn-100, the heaviest doubly magic nucleus with equal numbers of protons and neutrons. In the beta-decay of Sn-100, a large fraction of the strength is observable because of the large decay energy. We determine the largest Gamow-Teller strength so far measured in allowed nuclear beta-decay, establishing the 'superallowed' nature of this Gamow-Teller transition. The large strength and the low-energy states in the daughter nucleus, In-100, are well reproduced by modern, large-scale shell model calculations.
  • Pietralla, N., et al. (författare)
  • On the Road to FAIR: 1st Operation of AGATA in PreSPEC at GSI
  • 2014
  • Ingår i: EPJ Web of Conferences. - : EDP Sciences. - 9782759811755 - 9782759811762 ; 66, s. 02083-02083
  • Konferensbidrag (refereegranskat)abstract
    • The Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR), under construction at Darmstadt will provide intense relativistic beams of exotic nuclei at its Superconducting-FRagment Separator. High-resolution in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy will be performed in the HISPEC experiment, using the European Advanced GAmma-ray Tracking Array (AGATA). The PreSPEC-AGATA campaign is the predecessor of HISPEC and runs from 2012 to 2014 at GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH. Up to19 AGATA modules were used at GSI's F Ragment Separator in 2012. We report on the status of the experiment including preliminary results from performance commissioning.
  • Sperduti, Andrea, et al. (författare)
  • Results of the first user program on the HOmogeneous Thermal NEutron Source HOTNES (ENEA/INFN)
  • 2017
  • Ingår i: Journal of Instrumentation. - : IOP PUBLISHING LTD. - 1748-0221 .- 1748-0221. ; 12
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • The HOmogeneous Thermal NEutron Source (HOTNES) is a new type of thermal neutron irradiation assembly developed by the ENEA-INFN collaboration. The facility is fully characterized in terms of neutron field and dosimetric quantities, by either computational and experimental methods. This paper reports the results of the first "HOTNES users program", carried out in 2016, and covering a variety of thermal neutron active detectors such as scintillators, solid-state, single crystal diamond and gaseous detectors.
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